Patlabor Superdeformed
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Notables: CHIBA Shigeru
OBAYASHI Ryunosuke
OSHII Mamoru
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
Only available as part of the Ultimate Edition(of Patlabor WXIII), these three theatrical short cartoons bring the real Patlabor stars back one last time, albeit in quite a different manner. Goto, Nagumo, and the rest have become super-deformed CGI puppets, and each of the shorts is a self-referential “instructional video” that gleefully shreds apart the Patlabor mythos. Goto talks at length about just how stupid the concept of a “Revolver Cannon” really is, Shige speculates on ways to sell more “Patlabor” merchandise by making the Ingrams transform, and Nagumo reveals the ludicrous truth behind Special Vehicles' mysterious source of income. MiniPato is one big in-joke, but folks in the know will find it hilarious, and it represents the first time Mamoru Oshii has written comedy since the Patlabor TV series ended over a decade ago.

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Rent Stretch [series:1647#628]
Considering how grim Patlabor WXIII was, the MiniPato shorts are just what the doctor ordered to accompany it. I was delighted at this return to the silly and sarcastic mood of the early 90's TV series, and the fact that the original actors and actresses, none the worse for wear, were voicing it. Though MiniPato is recorded on a seperate DVD than the movie, I was fortunate in that this disc was also available from my Rent-DVDs-by-Mail service, and I jumped at the chance. Part one, "Roar! Revolver Cannon" was both amusing and highly informative as Captain Goto explains what does and does not make sense about the weapon provided to the Ingrams. To be honest, I didn't find these shorts to be LOL funny, more modestly amusing and nostalgic. They might work best in dubbed mode, since there is so much reading of complicated subtitles to be done, which greatly slows down the viewing process (and perhaps spoils the timing of the jokes). Those unfamiliar or unimpressed with Patlabor would probably be left scratching their heads after watching MiniPato, but true fans will surely appreciate these. At the very least, I can finally say I've watched every Patlabor episode, movie and short!

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