Code E
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Notables: Animation - Studio DEEN
NOMURA Katsuhito
18-year-old Ebihara Chinami emits electrical waves when she becomes distressed. The more nervous she becomes, the worse the situation gets. Her latest transfer to a new school introduces her to Kotaro from the school's science club. She quickly finds herself with a number of new friends: Kotaro, who is interested in learning about her abilities by experimenting on her; Yumi, a classmate and shrine maiden with the same power as she; and Sonomi, Kotaro's jealous childhood-friend. But there are others who are watching from a distance and they refer to Chinami as having strong 'TYPE-E' powers.

12 episodes

Also see sequel - Mission-E

1:29min – Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch 8 8 8 8 7 7 Dreamer [series:1640#2279]
Now here's a charming little story. It's a light hearted entertainment that grows on you.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork seemed slightly different from the norm. It's not anything way out there but it had it's own distinct look, which I found refreshing and nicely done. Character designs were mainly what I was referring to. They were well done, and the girls were kawaii.... especially our protagonist "Chinami".

The OP was a cool jazzy, almost James Bond-ish style that was a welcome change from the norm but not sure how it fit the series. The seris soundtrack was mostly light easy listening accoustic guitar solos. If you can imagine serene uneventful lives in a quiet town near a port... that's the feeling you'd get from the quiet mostly guitar soundtrack.

Series and Episode Story
For the most part, we have a simple story that is episodic. We have some nice characters, some kawaii, but no one's backgrounds explored, which is fine really since this series is pretty much mindless entertainment. There's no real plot although we get hints here and there that something might or could be developing. But by the end of the series, it doesn't amount to anything.

Overall it's just a light and fun series that sorta grows on you as each episode progresses. I found it charming.

Last updated Friday, December 17 2010. Created Friday, December 17 2010.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:1640#967]
This series has been called a ‘psychic buddy action’ comedy anime series. So don’t expect monsters, mecha or high drama. This is just a simple little futuristic high school romance story about a techie-boy who meets a shy psychic-girl who has problems controlling her erratic ability, and of their adventures together with friends during their high school years.

And you know.... it works for me at this level.

If you can enjoy a bit of a simple G-rated series about a group of innocent high school students caught up in a quirky little adventure story involving strange psychic abilities, secret agencies and foreign spies, then you might be able to find the charm in this series too.

Well, apparently the first 12-episode season was popular enough in Japan that a 2nd season has been announced.

Last updated Thursday, January 29 2009. Created Wednesday, April 02 2008.
Watch Stretch [series:1640#628]
(All episodes watched):

The western style music at the start of the episode, and the general mood reminded me of Read or Die. Other than that, I didn't have much to say after episode one, since nothing much had happened which I wasn't already expecting after reading the brief synopsis above. Indeed, not even everything in the synopsis had happened! The plot seemed to be moving rather slowly; at the end of the second episode Chinami had just agreed to go along with Kotaro's experimenting with her. I was slightly disappointed to find that this doesn't seem to be a comedy--or at least comedy doesn't have top priority, but that's just me. It's far too soon to tell where the plot will go, and it's not too funny, but nevertheless this seems a mildly amusing show that would be worth watching.

Despite my lukewarm initial impressions, Code-E slowly grew on me with time. If I were to summarize this show with a single word, that word would be modest. But it's a good sort of modesty; Code-E doesn't try to imitate an anime genre which has already been done to death, rather it has come up with a modestly interesting original premise. It doesn't try to be anything that it's not, but is satisfied to do a good job of expanding on this premise. least until the final episode. It didn't make a whole lot of sense! What exactly happened? Who was responsible? What had that shady "bad guy" had to do with any of this? What was the real purpose of this high-tech summer school? Almost up to the last minute, I was certain there must be a 13th episode on the way, since this one wasn't resolving much of anything. It seems that the makers just decided that "well, if we just make Chinami and Kotaro fall in love, nobody will care if we never offer any real explanation of the Code-E phenomena". Wrong! This just goes to show how much damage a poorly thought-out final episode can do to a series as a whole. If I'd known it was going to end like this, I might not have watched this series at all. But, as things worked out, I guess I don't regret it.

Last updated Wednesday, October 24 2007. Created Sunday, July 15 2007.
Unevaluated aoneish [series:1640#1615]
haha, cute. i don't usually watch these kinds of anime. but the characters are cute and the premise is interesting. the comedy is pretty funny though i suspect her jumpiness towards electronics is going to wear out fast if they keep doing it. a good start. and i really want an electronic blackboard. that thing is awesome.


Last updated Saturday, July 14 2007. Created Saturday, July 14 2007.

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