Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!

Title:Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!
Due Come Noi (Italian)
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Notables: HORI Hideyuki
After moving to a new neighborhood, teenager Takashi Mitsuhashi resolves that "From today, my life will be an adventure full of surprises!". He plans to achieve this goal by becoming an "improvised rebel"--not a genuine rebel, but rather "a guy who one day, suddenly, decides to live like a rebel". The first person he meets in his new neighborhood is Ito, another teenage boy who had just the same idea. Naturally, they take an immediate dislike to each other...

Based on a manga by Hiroyuki Nishimori; 10 Episodes; the title translates to "From today, I...!!"
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The first few amusing scenes of this OVA immediately reminded me of Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou, what with the way it pokes fun at the delinquent subculture of Japan. Having been made in 1992, it can't be accused of being a copycat--indeed, I wondered if the author of Cromartie might have gotten some of the ideas from this show. If you enjoyed Cromartie, you'll surely enjoy KKOW. Hell, if you enjoy laughing (and who doesn't), you'll enjoy this. Actually, as this first episode progresses (and it's over an hour long) there is a lot of brawling, punching, clubbing, and I began to wonder if it had been a mistake to describe this as a comedy; but the humor returns towards the end. So, not as good as I had thought at first. Also, the animation is unexceptional--this is 15 years old, after all. Still, I wouldn't mind watching the remainder of the series (the ED sequence shows amusing clips, presumably from future episodes), and I'm disappointed to learn that apparently only one of the ten episodes has been fansubbed into English (though it seems that the entire series has been dubbed into Italian!).

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