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Title:Evangelion: ReDeath
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"It doesn’t bother Shinji that his father (who might be a pimp) thinks giant robots are babe magnets. It doesn’t bother him that he shares an apartment with a strangely masculine German girl. It doesn’t even bother him that the world may be coming to an end thanks to a long forgotten Prince song. The only thing on Shinji’s mind is the nookie, whatever that is. No one said adolescence was easy."

ReDeath is standard fare at many anime conventions, where it is often played at late-night fanparody showings. ReDeath is very recognizable by fans, so much so that many otaku have much of the dialogue memorized, and frequently shout the lines as they are said in the screening, somewhat like a Rocky Horror showing.
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A privately made parody of the Evangelion TV series and movies, made by Studio Sokodei.
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Rent Ggultra2764 [series:1513#1552]
This proved to be quite a hoot. Long before anime fans thought of creating their own parodies of popular anime titles via online video hosting sites, this spoof of Evangelion was made in 2000 to get fans cracking up during American anime conventions. ReDeath takes video from the original series plus End of Eva and turns characters and elements from the series into a ridiculous spoof of themselves from Gendo Ikari becoming a pimp with his own entrance music to Asuka going "Ah-nold" with her voice to Pokemon literally invading the world of Eva. This being a fanmade parody, the presentation does have its rough moments from some shoddy video editing to static heard during voice work, particularly with Misato's voice actress. Still if you're an Eva fan and have a soft spot for humor, then check out ReDeath for a quick laugh over seeing your favorite characters and elements from the series re-imagined into something silly.

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Unevaluated Devil Doll [series:1513#752]
Now if that thing were available in a language I understand... being able to read and write English, I just don't understand the wording of half of the lines of that horrible American Chewing Gum.
I would have loved to watch this parody but given this problem it is wasted on me. How can I laugh about jokes if I don't get them, and video footage showing something I already know with complelety different dialogues?

Last updated Thursday, January 11 2007. Created Thursday, January 11 2007.
Rent Stretch [series:1513#628]
Evangelion: ReDeath was such a riot that the day after I first saw it at the Ohayocon 2007 Anime Convention, I went looking for "Studio Sokodei" on the internet to see if I could download my own copy. I didn't have much luck, and concluded that it couldn't be downloaded and was reserved for conventions. Apparently there are a number of these "fandubs" (one dealing with Cowboy Bebop). It turns out that ReDeath can be downloaded--it's just a little tricky. Watching it yet again cracked me up immediately, what with the silly (but not too silly) voices replacing those of the original VAs. If you ever get the chance to do so, and if you have ever seen Evangelion (whether you loved it or hated it makes no difference), you must watch ReDeath, because it is hilarious. Picture:

--In his vegetable garden, Kaji trying to answer Shinji's questions about growing up;
--Rei and Asuka riding an elevator while the song "Tequila" plays over the intercom;
--A certain piece of music juxtaposed from it's original scene in the series to a completely different one (hint: aboard the aircraft carrier);
--Executives arguing about how the shapes and colors of the EVAs were poorly chosen;
--Scenes from Pokemon and Tenchi Muyo intruding into Evangelion.

New voices are added to thoroughly sliced and diced film clips from EVA, without trying too hard to match them to the originals. The audio is imperfect, and I missed a lot of lines the first time (I was in a crowded ballroom, though). A wide variety of new music is skillfully interwoven with the clips, making this partly comic music video. I think the overall length was approximately one hour. Sometimes parodies are crass and tasteless, employing vulgar humor which has little to do with the characters and plots they are making fun of; but this one does an excellent job of both being funny and remaining true to EVA (though there is a fart joke at one point). Seeing such a grim, "everybody dies" sort of show as EVA ridiculed is a gem, especially when you're taken completely by surprise, as I was. ReDeath wasn't as funny the second time around, but you must watch it once. Some people just know how to be funny--that's the only explanation I can come up with for ReDeath.

My favorite line: "Mmmm, melons" --Gendo

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