Watashi no ashinaga Ojisan

Title:Watashi no ashinaga Ojisan
Daddy Long Legs
Das Geheimnis von Daddy Langbein
Hosszúlábu apu
Papà Gambalunga
Papa longues jambes
Papá piernas largas
Pipi das meias altas
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Living in an orphanage in the United States during the 1920’s, Judy Abbott does her best to manage the younger kids and help out, but things always seem to get out of hand. As punishment for one of her playful pranks, she has to write a ‘reflective essay’ on her misdeed - which she does, but with a lot of creative wit and sarcasm. Her essay is read by a member of the board for the orphanage, who decides to anonymously sponsor her tuition for a upper-class private all-girls boarding high school, but with the condition that she writes a monthly letter telling him of her new life. Not knowing the name of her benefactor, Judy gives him the nickname of 'Daddy Long Legs' and tells of her new life with her friends at high school.

Based on a book by Jean Webster (first published in 1912), which is written in the format of her monthly letters to her benefactor, Daddy Long Legs.

A title in Fuji TV & Nippon Animation`s World Masterpiece Theater (meisaku) TV anime series of adaptations of classic children`s books.

40 TV Episodes
Animation by Nippon Animation

Currently being fansubbed (in English) by the C1 team under the title Daddy Long Legs.
1:13min Series Opening - YouTube Video

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Authored by a grandniece of Mark Twain, the book is now considered a Penguin Classic & Puffin Classic and is still in print!!
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