Yoshinaga-san chi no Gargoyle

Title:Yoshinaga-san chi no Gargoyle
Gargoyle of Yoshinaga house
The Gargoyle of the Yoshinagas
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When Yoshinaga Futaba won a prize in the lottery at the local marketplace, she was really happy! But she won a stupid purple statue that was being offered the antique & apothecary Totensha shop. It had a nametag that called it an ‘automated gatekeeper statue’ and it was ALIVE! Now the stupid statue that they call GAR-KUN (or Gargoyle) is causing chaos by using its strange powers to defend the Yoshinaga household from paperboys and mailmen!

The owner of the Totensha shop used her alchemical abilities to create a powerful magical statue which she gave away as a prize for the local lottery. But there are others that are interested in Gar-Kun’s abilities and they begin trouble Futaba and the Yoshinaga household with their strange toys and wild schemes.

13 TV Episodes
Animation by Studio Hibari

3min - DVD special - YouTube Vid
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Buy Jan-Chan [series:1463#967]
OK .. this series is a BUY (or a BUY-) with only a few qualifications. If one can accept a silly, fluffy and innocent anime series that is oriented to appeal to all ages, then you might find a lot of laughter in this one.

The twelve-year-old Futaba is a precocious and hotheaded little Amazon, willing to drop kick any ‘stupid’ boy or statue with only the slightest provocation. And the statue Gar-kun is a perfect ‘straight-man’ to her emotional and irrational behavior.

Gar-kun’s deadpan tone and word-for-word practical approach at first drive Futaba crazy, but then she slowly realizes that he is really pretty cool (not that she will admit it) and his behavior begins to change under her ever-changing guidance. Being a stone statue, he does not seem to mind being abused by Futaba - be it kicked, insulted, hung over the porchstep or having the KANJI characters for “STUPID STATUE” painted on his back as punishment. He just never loses his ‘cool’! And his abilities are pretty strange – laser eyes, teleport, flying skills, talk to animals and an ability to sense if there is any trouble within the village.

And the bad guys are all pretty simple and good hearted - just as willing to help out as to try to start a fight.

In short, this is a very charming series – filled with lots of smiles and silly giggles – as it tells the tale of the adventures of Futaba and her pet ‘rock’ (errr – Gargoyle), her big brother, parents and young friends.

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