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Title:Five Star Stories
The Five Star Stories
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Notables: R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
R1 License - Subtitled Only
Welcome to the Five Star Universe. Five stars (Or colonies) of people who are at war all the time. Using giant robots called Motorheads, Headliners and their inhuman partners called Fatimas dispense justice (and injustice) as well as war on other Headliners. 3 new powerful Fatimas are brought out, Atropos, Lacheisis, and Clotho. Atropos has already picked her Headliner, but the other 2 are hesitant. If they don't pick one, the become the property of the local cruel lord. But Fatimas are true people, they will only pick the one they are destined for. Clotho is looking for a certain man, while Lacheisis has already picked hers, a girlish looking Meister named Ladios Sopp she knew a long time ago. But Sopp is a designer, not a Headliner, and for some reason does not want to bond with Lacheisis. The planet's King, the President of that 'Star', and Amaterasu, the Emperor of the Five Stars journey there to see who will get the powerful Fatimas.

Why does Sopp not want Lacheisis. How come it's been over 20 years since he was last on that planet and yet he hasn't changed. What was the promise he made to her many years ago. And why does he look like a blonde girl?

70 Minutes - 1 OVA Episode

R1 by ADV, subtitled only.

Note : Even though it is only 1 episode, it only covers 1 volume of a very large manga

1:24min Series Clip - YouTube Vid
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Rent 10 9 8 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1370#1552]
This wasn't a bad movie for what is supposed to be just one piece of a larger story for Five Star Stories. The movie features Sopp trying to rescue two of the three Fatimas he knew in his younger days from a corrupt lord and getting over conflicted feelings he has for one of them. It is this element that the movie does a decent job at fleshing out having some flashbacks of the connection between Sopp and the Fatimas, as well as the thoughts of him and Lacheisis over their present situations. For a late 1980s anime, the visuals to the movie were good to look at featuring vast and well-defined scenery and mecha designs that have a good amount of detail, as well as moments of fluid animation, particularly in action scenes. However with this being just the start of an ongoing larger series from its manga source material, there are elements to the world of Five Star that are hinted to yet never explored in great detail which keeps me from wanting to rate this movie any higher. Still, Five Star Stories made for a worthwhile rental for me special thanks to the challenges faced by Sopp and Lacheisis.

Last updated Tuesday, May 17 2011. Created Tuesday, May 17 2011.
Rent 10 10 10 8 0 8 Big Fire [series:1370#2441]
Ok, i gave it 10s cuz this thing was done in 1989!!! and the KOG still looks cool to this very day. I think the movie doesn't do Five Star Stories justice, there was just so much stuff compacted into this movie, that you kinda wish you saw more mecha, more LED Knights, more Mirage Knights, more fighting...Just more of everything...But Needless to say, if you are a Five Star Story fan, this is the only thing you got as far as animation is concerned so you are forced to be ok with it...I for one can care less about the first half of this movie, but seeing the KOG(Knight of Gold) rise always makes up for the rest of this movie...If you like Mecha, this is a must watch!

Last updated Friday, February 23 2007. Created Friday, February 23 2007.
Rent Forbin [series:1370#1573]
  • Drama : Med
  • Comedy : None
  • Action : Med
  • SciFi : High
  • Ecchi : Med
    • Though it's pretty much one whole scene.
I liked it. I was hoping ADV put this out as a dub, but why gather such a large cast for a single show. It ended with me wanting more. It would've been a buy except for those 2 things.

Last updated Friday, December 01 2006. Created Friday, December 01 2006.

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