Giniro no kami no Agito

Title:Giniro no kami no Agito
Agito with Silver Hair
Gin-iro no kami no Agito
Origin - Spirits of the Past
銀色の髪のアギト (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - GONZO
R1 License - FUNimation
A failed DNA experiment on plants has changed the world forever. Having demolished the moon, the intelligent and aggressive plant-life has spread to the earth and destroyed the human civilization. The few humans that remain struggle to survive, while maintaining an uneasy truce with the restless forest. One day, a villager named Agito stumbles across a stasis unit hidden deep in the forest and awakens a very cute girl from the past. Having slept for the past 300 years, Tula steps into a very different and strange world. The neighboring high-tech village of Laguna is still locked in a bitter war with the forest and when they become aware of Tula, they realize that she is the key to activating her father’s final and ultimate weapon of humanity. A Weapon designed to totally destroy the forest. When Tula is taken by the warriors of Laguna, Agito makes a pact with the forest to gain the strength and incredible powers to not only save her, but to stop the weapon from destroying both the forest and his village.

Movie released on 1.7.2006
A 90-min Movie
Animation by Gonzo
R1 License by FUNimation (inc preview).

130sec Trailer - YouTube Video
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Watch 10 10 9 7 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1286#1552]
Meh, another case of a movie with great looking visuals and animation yet barely puts together enough of a cohesive plot to keep things rolling along. I'll admit the movie had some interesting looking characters and the opener song was enough of a treat for me to listen to. But with said characters not being fully fleshed-out and a poor attempt at trying to express morals on man and nature a la Nausicaa, Origins: Spirits of the Past is worthwhile only as a one-time rental for the eye-candy that wouldn't be worth seeing again multiple times.

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Rent Jan-Chan [series:1286#967]
Humm ….. I have some very mixed feelings about this movie. The animation is outright amazing!! The loving attention to details and background scenes are just exquisite. The attention paid to the characters, while not as good, still works very well.

But then we have the plot and storyline ... sigh. This 90-minute movie can be broken up into three different sections. The first 30-minutes are actually pretty good. The middle 30-minutes are OK and probably a RENT, and the last 30-minutes are clearly a WATCH. Just wait until you see the ultimate weapon and you will understand!! Having taken the basic storyline of Mononoke Hime with a strong SCI-FI spin, they then try to take a cheap way out by (clearly) stealing an idea from Hauru no Uguko Shiroand it just does NOT WORK!! Sorry – this is NOT a Studio Ghibli title, although it tries to pretend that it is.

But since the quality of the animation cannot be denied and the plot does have it's charming moments and strong points, I feel justified in giving this series a RENT rating.

The music is also pretty good (so Stretch should be able to find some good sound tracks in this.) I like the Japanese/Celtic song which plays towards the end - it is a bit unusual.

This movie is well worth watching, but just don’t allowed yourself to get carried away until the closing scene.

I have posted some snaps of the movie.

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