Ningen Kousaten

Title:Ningen Kousaten
13 vies (French)
Human Crossing
Human Crossing Point
Human Scramble
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Notables: Animation - A.C.G.T.
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
Human Scramble is a series of unrelated stories about different people learning lessons in life. Most stories revolve around family or personal relationships.
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[TV series, 2003, 13 episodes, 25 min; produced by OB Planning, licensed for R1 release by Geneon Entertainment (USA)]
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Rent 8 7 8 7 8 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1224#1552]
Human Crossing offers up episodic down-to-earth stories focused around different individuals who find themselves coming to realizations when dealing with personal conflicts. The quality of each of these stories tend to vary as many of them do offer decent fleshing out of the conflicts faced by the prominent character focused on in each episode and some of them do quite well in believably having these characters come to realize the resolutions to their problems making them worthwhile lessons for the viewer to learn from the family issues faced in "Direction" and "The Smile" to realizing one's own personal flaws in "Sidelined". On the other end of the spectrum however, some of the stories are quite cliched and contrived in their developments as they make a poor attempt to create something grand and/or touching out of the realizations faced by their characters with "The 25th Hour" and "The Instructor's Rain" being the weakest of the stories for me in Human Crossing because of this failed style of execution with them. Anyone used to more typical anime happenings are likely not to enjoy this series as the stories for Human Crossing are quite grounded, have no linear plot and are not animated with the typical extraordinary designs you would expect of more conventional titles. However if you don't mind episodic plots and are looking for something down-to-earth to check out, Human Crossing may be worth a look despite having its shortcomings with some of its stories.

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