Gakuen Senki MURYOU

Title:Gakuen Senki MURYOU
Muryo - the Record of School Wars
Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars
学園戦記ムリョウ (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
R1 License - Right Stuf Intl
In the year 2070, a strange alien ship appears over Tenmo, a small city of Japan, generating a lot of attention. While its giant size appears to be threatening, it just hovers for a while, causing a city wide electrical blackout, but does nothing more. And then second giant alien robot appears to attack the first one. After a short battle, they both disappear, the city is not damaged and no one is injured. But everyone in town is treating this as common every day event? Unable to deny or disclaim the incident, the Japanese government has to admit that aliens do exist, and begins to talk about the need to defend the country against a possible invasion.

At Hajamei’s junior high school, a new student named Muryo Subaru transfers into his class. He is bit strange fellow, wearing a student uniform that was common some twenty years ago. Hajamei, the rep for the class, greets and befriends Subaru, and introduces him to all of his friends. Later that first day, when Hajamei hears that Kyoichi, the vice president of the student body, has called his new friend out for a fight, he sprints up to the roof only to witness a battle between Subaru and Kyoichi, in which they attack each other using strange abilities and powers. Hajamei wonders that while appearing to be human, might they be aliens? And he wonders if and how they might be involved with the two alien craft that fought over the city a few weeks earlier?

26 episodes (released in 2001)
Produced by MADHOUSE
R1/USA release by The Right Stuff
This series is rated PG 7+ (very innocent)

2:04min Series Trailer - ANN Video
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Buy 8 7 7 7 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:1095#1552]
This was quite the addicting little series considering it seemed geared for a younger audience. Shingu offers up a mix of slice-of-life comedy and sci-fi adventure focused on middle schooler Hajime and his encounters with a group of psychics that make up the student body of his school, as well as living in a town where its residents react with indifference towards alien ships that appear out of nowhere. While having its extraordinary elements, Shingu is surprisingly quite mundane in many instances as most of the town residents take these events as just a typical part of their everyday routine and focusing on the everyday routines of Hajime and the other students in the middle school. Instead of the former being around just for laughs, it also shows signs that things in the town are not as they seem on the surface which Shingu takes its time at slowly unveiling and eventually fully reveals what connections that the town has to said alien appearances.

The slice-of-life element of this series comes from Hajime slowly becoming familiar with the true inner workings of his town and befriending the not-so-ordinary members of the student body at his school like Mouryu and Naiyuta. The show's cast is a likeable and fun bunch offering a nice balance of comedy and character developments. Characters within the series have their developments and dept as they change throughout the show as they deal with the various alien encounters throughout the show. The comedic moments coming from the casual reactions that the town's residents have with their paranormal developments and abilities, as well as some occasions of Hajime breaking the fourth wall by talking to the audience. The only notable area that the series seemed lacking in was any fleshing out of Mouryu's character as depth on his character is kind of limited with some hints dropped over his past yet never elaborated on and compared to most major characters in the series, he didn't show much diversity or change in his character throughout the show.

On the visual end, scenery and character designs are mostly standard for the time period in which the series was animated with a reasonable amount of visual detail and subdued color tones with animation shortcuts apparent in the show's action sequences. The music to the series mostly consisted of mellow tracks which work rather well during the show's mundane and comedic moments, yet had nothing too memorable that stuck out for me.

Overall, Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars was an addicting little title offering a fun mix of comedy and adventure with its cast as they live out a seemingly ordinary life and fight aliens while slowly digging into its mysteries focused on connections that Hajime's small town have with these aliens. This is definitely worth a look if you are looking for any titles lying under the radar to many anime fans.

Last updated Friday, June 01 2012. Created Friday, June 01 2012.
Buy Jan-Chan [series:1095#967]
The Right Stuff has released the first two DVDs (five episodes per DVD) of this very simple, innocent and perhaps a bit corny, but still very much a fun series. While their voiceover dubbing is actually very good, The Right Stuf team appears to seriously rewritten the script to make the series more friendly and understandable. The main character, Hajamei get himself involved with two fellow students who appear intent to fight each other using strange powers and abilities, and he has to figure out how they are tied into the aliens. This series is probably going to end up with a <rent> rating, but I like having some kid-friendly series in the anime library (so I might tag it with a rent+)

Thanks to Forbin for mentioning this series to me. I am currently watching the first two DVDs (ten episodes).

This series reminds me very much of Dai-Guard, which is similarly innocent and playful.

Update August 25, 2005
DVD #3 was released some weeks ago (which had 6 episodes on the DVD) and #4 is scheduled for late September (I have already preordered it.) I am upgrading this series to a BUY, because I am just enjoying it sooo much!

This is a charming and fun series! This is perhaps one of the best examples of how a great story and animation can offer a great anime series which does not have to resort to fan-service or other gimmicks to keep the attention of the viewers.

But to enjoy this series, you will have to be into anime stories that include strange giant robots, off-world aliens hiding dark secrets and teenagers with mystical powers and abilities, who are dedicated to protecting the earth from invasion.

The dubbing crew at 'The Right Stuf' have really reworked the script to bring the story line into a (very) western context while keeping true to the underlying flavor of the Japanese culture and school system, but they have really done such a good job that the story is very understandable to even the youngest of viewers. The Right Stuf crew did the same with the science fiction series, Musekinin Kanchou Tylor. The result of their efforts is really a very fun and interesting story that any adult anime fans can easily share with any younger members of the family.

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Buy Forbin [series:1095#1573]
Drama : Low / Med
Comedy : Med / High
Action : Low / Med
SciFi : HIGH
Ecchi : Low

Told in the 3rd person, this little gem sat untouched on the shelf for a while until I took it out for a rent. Wow this is great, a good balance of Comedy , Conspiracy, Action , Romance, and some aliens that just fit together like bowls in a cupboard. It was 2am when I got this and I stayed up to 3:30 just to see the first 7 episodes. I can't wait for the others and the rest of the R1 to release!

I'll leave it at buy as this made me smile and the animation is not too bad (But as this is 2001, it was back when Animation meant something, unlike today's work). The sister is on the cover of the 2nd DVD and that's real unfortunate as she is sorta ugly and isn't even a major character.

3rd disk reviewed. It's very long as it contains 6 episodes (Where an ADV one contains 3-4). Not as funny as the last (I had a headache last night so that might account for it) but now delves into the whole Alien issue and how 2 characters (The VP and the guard) finally develop a relationship. The sister really shines in this disk where I disliked her in the other 2.

Favorite Line : (Hajime) Do you know him? (Sister) Yes I do, and you can too if you rewatch episode 1 of Shingu the secret of the stellar wars. (Little Kid) Will you STOP talking out of character like that!

I'm really enjoying it when the Characters step out like that. At the end of one of the episodes the VP gets really mad at Hajime for doing that at the end of every episode.

Finished watching this. Small amounts of romance, government conspiracy, fighting, but large amounts of story and comedy. I love this! Damn this is like the 4th series I've finished in a week. What a trend.

They did leave a couple of plot holes at the end open. But I'm satisfied on how it all went.

Last updated Sunday, January 08 2006. Created Sunday, June 19 2005.

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