Jungle De Ikou

Title:Jungle De Ikou
Jungre de Ikou!
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Notables: MORIYAMA Yuji
R1 License - Media Blasters
It's just another normal day for Natsumi until her father returns from an expedition to New Guinea and gives her a statue he had found (and snuck out). Trapped inside the statue is the spirit of Ongo. In her dreams, the God of Earth, Ahem, tells her that Ongo is evil and gives her a necklace that gives Natsumi power when she performs a certain (orgasm-inducing) dance. When called upon, Natsumi transforms into the busty flower spirit, Mii. Now with help from Ongo, Ahem, Rong, Takuma, and Nami, Natsumi/Mii must overcome problems such as former fiances and giant whales.

Animation Production by Chaos Production,
3 OVA Episodes (25~29min).
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1, 2, 3
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Watch Stretch [series:77#628]
If I remember right, this was the first example of Anime which I paid full price for, instead of taping it from TV or borrowing it from the library. Twenty-something dollars for a DVD is a lot of money to me, and when, near the start, I saw one of the charachters run carelessly into a mailbox and bang her head (and I was obviously supposed to laugh), my response was "If this is the level of comedy I can expect, I'm in trouble!" I wondered if it might still be possible to reattach the shrink-wrap and return the DVD for a refund. After watching the first 1/3 of JDI, I felt disappointed and left the disc alone for a week or so before I gathered the courage to see what else I had paid dearly for. Fortunately, the remaining 2/3 seemed to represent a significant improvement in overall quality. By no means a masterpiece, but at least my money hadn't gone for nothing. Six months later I have yet to re-watch it,* but I know if I ever need something silly, simple and harmless, Jungle de Ikou will do nicely. On the bright side, I think I have learned my lesson: Don't order Anime just because it had an amusing "Coming Attraction" on another tape. Check the reviews on websites like this one, then, unless you are extremely confident of the quality, either rent it or look for it used. Also, my initial impression that Anime was a flawlessly brilliant art form was mistaken; the bulk of it is unexceptional, just like TV over here.


*make that four years later I have yet to rewatch it--but I will, if only to recoup a little of the money I spent!

Last updated Tuesday, February 19 2008. Created Friday, April 18 2003.
Avoid 8 8 3 5 2 Midnighter [series:77#94]
Ugh. What drivel. Jungle De Ikou seems to be a pedophile's wet dream, with pre-pubescent girls dancing erotically and a creepy fixation on 10 year old Natsumi's panties.
It's ALMOST worth watching if only to see a frighteningly well-endowed woman battle a Godzilla-like creature in an urban setting. Sound weird? It is.
Sadly, Jungle de Ikou is technically rather impressive. The animation is very nice, overall it was smooth, and there was not much stock footage shots used over and over, aside from that kooky orgasmic dance sequence. The backgrounds are nicely painted, particularly the jungle scenes, which reminded me a bit of El Hazard.
The character designs are nothing special, though Mie's...erm...measurements border on the grotesque. Nami looked alot like Alielle (I think I got the spelling right...) from El Hazard, right down to the hair style and clothes.
The music is frankly unnoticable, though the opening theme song is catchy enough. The story is barely evident, this is not a "thinking man's anime" and the "plot" consisted of reasons for young girls to do sexually provacative dances and change into busty goddesses whose breasts defy gravity. The dialogue is pretty good both subbed and dubbed, with the dub available from Anime Works having a couple rather funny pop-culture references.
Overall, Jungle De Ikou is a disturbing, tasteless example of why anime gets a bad name. With such nice animation going for it, it's a shame that this was so incredibly tasteless, exploitive and sexist.

Last updated Wednesday, April 03 2002. Created Saturday, August 18 2001.
Buy 8 7 5 8 4 4 Lickylick [series:77#133]
This is one really F***'d up anime.The powers of the goddesses are represented by how big their breasts are? That's a new one. But Jungle De Ikou excells in areas that add up to form a very funny three episodes.
The general lack of a story is kinda odd. The things thrown at you make almost no sense. The character designs are simple, scruffy little people, normal schoolgirl age people, bony old men with giant penis sheaths, and big breasted women.
The music is great, although not done by the aforenoted Megumi Hayashibara (she just does the voice of Ongo). I believe it is done by the other notable, but i can't remember exactly.
The series is just one laugh after another. From the "Maranbo" dance to Takuma's nipple eyes (just watch and see to truly comprehend the concept). A bit over the top on the panty shots (especially those of the little girls and Ongo).
On a whole, don't let the cover of the box decieve you. This is not a hentai (there is no REAL nudity, it just comes damn close), it is just fan-service shots to the max. The cover is offensive (god those must be fake!!!) and the back of the box doesn't help ("And when 10-year-old Natsumi performs her erotic dance, she changes into the sex goddess Mii"). But all in all, this is one damn funny anime, na no da.

Last updated Wednesday, March 07 2001. Created Wednesday, March 07 2001.

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