Taiho Shichauzo in America

Title:Taiho Shichauzo in America
You're Under Arrest in America
You're Under Arrest: No Mercy
逮捕しちゃうぞ イン アメリカ
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Notables: FUJISHIMA Kosuke
SEKI Tomokazu
Mikuki and Natsumi are former Japanese cops who now live in L.A. and who've joined the L.A.P.D. and are partners again. They quickly become occustomed to the wild American ways of catching criminals by using powerful weapons. But soon, they and their new co-workers (looking like American clones of the Bokuto Police Station members) are thrust into the middle of a car theft operation when Miyuki's newly purchased '73 Ford Mustang is stolen. When the thief appears to be none other than Natsumi's beau Shoji-kun, things get a little strange. Can Miyuki and Natsumi catch the criminals? Is the thief really Shoji-kun? Will Cain succeed where Nakajima-kun failed? Will this police force have enough weapons to do the job?
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Watch 8 6 8 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:768#1552]
About all I can say about No Mercy is "meh". This special for the You're Under Arrest franchise features Natsumi and Miyuki working and interacting with American counterparts of their fellow officers from Bokuto who are exaggerated stereotypes that Japan likes to poke fun of when they are gun-crazed, reckless, violent and have no regard for any rules laid forth for them. Other than a few occasions where Miyuki and Natsumi made nods to the American cops looking similar to those they knew from Bokuto, I wasn't getting much in the way of laughs for the special as it lacked much of the charm and comedic elements you would find from other installments of the YUA franchise. The animation quality to No Mercy is about on par with YUA's second TV season, but with a brighter color palette. Overall, this is perhaps the weakest part of the YUA franchise I've seen thus far since I still have Full Throttle to watch through. I suppose your mileage will vary with how well you enjoy YUA's take on exaggerated stereotypes of American police officers considering I wasn't so enthused with it.

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Rent 9 9 9 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:768#436]

There are a couple of reasons to watch this OAV. First, you are a fan of the YUA franchise as a whole. Second, you'd like to see the Japanese stereotype of American police forces. Either way, you'll be entertained enough to watch this currently unlicensed title.

Miyuki and Natsumi are the only characters in this spinoff from the original show. The other characters look very much like their Bokuto counterparts and most have the same name. The main difference had to be the character of Cain. Unlike Nakajima-kun, Cain is mostly confident around women and appears to be a womanizer. He hits on Miyuki but there's no spark there. However, it was funny seeing this version of Ken.

While the story itself isn't that much, seeing how the Japanese view American law enforcement was a hoot. Apparently, they think our cops go around brandishing weapons at the slightest provocation. Kochou (Chief/Captain) and Sally (Saori-chan) are desperate to shoot a criminal Miyuki and Natsumi arrest early on. Sally constantly seems to have two hand guns brandished. The climax of the OAV has the gang in a shootout complete with LAW rockets and M-16's. *lol*

Bottom line: while I laughed at the absurdity of things and was entertained by the story to a degree, there's really nothing here to make me want to watch it again. It is worth a rent though.

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