Kao no nai Tsuki

Title:Kao no nai Tsuki
Moonlight Lady
No Surface Moon
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Notables: Animation - PinkPineapple
"Suzuna Kuraki is training hard to become a priestess. She is brought to the home of her future husband by Tomomi, his faithful servant. She finds the mansion under a strange spell, releasing the sexual desires of everyone inside..."

[OVA, 2001-2004, 5 episodes, 30 min; Animation by PinkPineapple & Orbit; see also the non-hentai spin-off Touka Gettan]
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Buy 8 8 8 7 7 MasterYoshidino [series:700#598]
Overall this is a good anime to watch. There are only a few gripes. One is the main one. Any whom compare the original PinkPineapple dvd to Kitty Media dvd will immediately notice the lack of vivid colors in the North America release. Suzuna's hair really lacks contrast. The dub track also sounds somewhat "dummied" at times, but then I never really expect much from hentai dub tracks, considering most of the time porn stars do the dubs. Good storyline which sticks to the original game's storyline.

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