Mayonaka No Tantei Night Walker (TV)

Title:Mayonaka No Tantei Night Walker (TV)
Night Walker -真夜中の探偵- (TV)
NightWalker (TV)
Nightwalker: Eternal Darkness
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Notables: OOTANI Ikue
TANAKA Hideyuki
Having defeated the vampire lord Cain, Shido, a vampire turned private investigator, continues to battle to save humans from the macabre "nightbreeds" and other forces of darkness. As before, he is joined by the police detective Yayoi, the devil-sprite Guni, and his office aid, the former high school girl turned vampire Riho. Now Riho must deal with the terrible burden of being a vampire as she is forced to abandon the life she once knew. Shido must guide this new vampire while dealing with his own decision to grant Riho?s dying request to become a vampire.

[8 TV episodes which continue from the Nightwalker OAV series. Licensed by Central Park Media. The OAVs were later re-released as part of the TV release with episodes #5-12 being made new for TV. Episodes 5 & 6 are on the 1st R1 DVD Nightwalker: Midnight Detective and the remaining six episodes are on the 2nd DVD called Nightwalker: Eternal Darkness.
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Unevaluated AstroNerdBoy [series:656#436]
Through 2 episodes...
Lighter than the OAV series so far and certainly more character driven. Less violent and gory and less nudity as well. :-)

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