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Title:Paradox Live The Animation
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Allen, Hajun and Anne are the three singers of the up-and-coming 'phantom rap' group known as BAE. One day they get a cryptic invitation to enter a singing competition at Club Paradox, a once prestigious locale that abruptly disappeared ten years ago but now is up and running again. Four groups will square off, and the winner will then take on BURAIKAN, a fabled group which likewise vanished ten years ago. It all seems too good to be true, and they will find that there is a link to 'Phantometal', a recently discovered and tricky substance which interacts with a person's DNA to augment one's ability to weave melodies.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4747#628]
(Two episodes watched):

'Phantom Rap' does not appeal to me much, and I wish we had been told more about this 'Phantometal' stuff which will clearly play a major part in the story. Other than the brief and confusing prologue (and a scene of some sort of high tech laboratory) it is not mentioned again during episode one (though Allen has some sort of drug experience at the end). Apparently it somehow augments a person's ability to compose awesome music but has dangerous side effects as well. I'm guessing it was behind the brief but precipitous rise of this BURAIKAN group a decade ago, and today some secret organization wants to conduct an experiment and needs a fair number of singers to act as guinea pigs. It all seems to be based on a video game. Instead episode one gives us a decent introduction to the three characters of BAE plus a cursory one to the members of the other three groups. I got a bit of a thrill when BAE avoided being disqualified from the competition before it even began. But in general nothing about this show really excited me. It may be banking on the appeal of the well animated singing acts, but again I don't care for those. Maybe I will watch another episode to see if my intuitions about Phantometal and the general plot were correct.

Episode two largely develops the two brothers w ho compose 'Kozmez', another of the four competing bands. They are poor and one has some sort of chronic illness which they need the prize money to treat. The healthy one is mean spirited and sees Hip-Hop as a means of protest for the downtrodden, and despises anyone who sees it otherwise. Still, they did not seem all that worthy of sympathy to me. We learn a little more about Phantometal, but it seems that this show will be mostly about the members of the various bands, who likewise aren't all that interesting IMO. And their music doesn't seem notably better than that which is composed without an amazing artificial aid. Seeing as this season has plenty of new shows, many of which entertain me more than PL, I can't fit this show into my viewing schedule.

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