Boushoku no Berserk

Title:Boushoku no Berserk
Berserk of Gluttony
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Notables: Animation - A.C.G.T.
SEKI Tomokazu
Skills are supposed to be 'special powers bestowed by the Gods', and a person is supposed to already have all the skills he/she will ever have at birth. Fate Graphite's only skill is the seemingly useless one of 'Gluttony', which is of little use to a poor and hungry boy. But after killing a bandit, he finds his stats mushrooming, and realizes that there is more to Gluttony than meets the eye.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4720#628]
(One episode watched):

I don't know about this show; I still have little idea where it is going after episode one. It seems to be closely based on some video game that I've never heard of. We learn that Gluttony is not about gorging on food, as I had assumed, but rather is a skill that 'steals stats and skills, at the cost of not benefiting from experience'. So I guess it has both advantages and drawbacks, and places a person in an unusual situation. I guess. It also 'defies divine laws', so Fate would be wise to keep it a secret. He learns a good deal of this from the beat-up talking sword he buys cheaply. After he impales a thief on the run he is granted two new skills, Identify, which lets him assess the quality of goods, and Telepathy, which lets him read people's minds and talk to the sword. This granting of additional skills should not happen, according to accepted beliefs. Fate has been exploited by the three asshole Vlerick siblings (two brothers and a sister), who are 'Holy Knights' but behave as anything but. I thought they were so stereotypically evil that they seemed two dimensional and it was hard to take them seriously. His heroine is Roxy Hart, a beautiful and infintely more moral Knight. The OP and ED sequences suggest that two more female fighters will come along, and the list of characters at ANN suggested that the talking sword might be the second most important character. What they all will do remains unknown. For now it seems as if the Vlericks will not take kindly to Fate quitting his job with them, but I doubt if this is the main plotline. It looks like at least one more episode will be needed in order to get an idea of what the true premise of this show is.

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