Arknights Reimei Zensou

Title:Arknights Reimei Zensou
Arknights: Prelude to Dawn
アークナイツ 黎明前奏
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Notables: MATSUYAMA Takashi
The slow moving but ultimately fatal disease known as 'Oripathy' is spreading. Victims are villified and, as might be expected, avoided like the plague. The terrorist group 'Reunion' lashes out at those who have persecuted Oripathy victims. Rhodes Island is a group of victims who have taken a more positive tack, and hope to find a cure for the malady. The last hope for salvation might lie with a man known only as 'Doctor', who was once the preeminent expert on the disease and has now been revived from suspended animation, or 'cold sleep'.

8 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4572#628]
(One episode watched):

It would have been somewhat easier to take this show seriously if each of the girl characters had not had some sort of animal ears sprouting from their heads. No explanation for this is offered or even hinted at during episode one. There seems to have been an OVA at some point and maybe the assumption of the makers was that anyone watching this would have seen the OVA as well, so there was no need to explain things. Or, this feels like it is based on a video game, so maybe the assumption was that viewers had played that. But I had done neither, and was confused by episode one. Judging from the ANN page, a character known as 'Ace' will be the protagonist, but he had seemed like a supporting character to me in episode one. As if there were not enough problems already, some sort of 'catastrophe' will 'swallow the city whole' in three hours. Reunion is a super evil group that only wants to kill out of revenge (at one point they target a mother and child) even though that won't save them from oripathy. And somehow they have identical uniforms. Crossbows seem to be the most advanced weapons. Even magic seems to play a part! Anyway, this show never took off for me. I was impatient for something novel and exciting to happen, and it never really did. The extreme good versus extreme evil theme was tiresome. Perhaps the problem was that I didn't find any of the characters to be particularly interesting or likeable, so I could hardly care what would become of them. The usual test of a first episode of a new series is that it must leave me with at least one question that I want to know the answer to, but Arknights didn't.

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