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Arknights Reimei Zensou
Unevaluated The slow moving but ultimately fatal disease known as 'Oripathy' is spreading. Victims are villified and, as might be expected, avoided like the plague. The terrorist group 'Reunion' lashes out at those who have persecuted Oripathy victims. Rhodes Island is a group of victims who have taken a more positive tack, and hope to find a cure for the malady. The last hope for salvation might lie with a man known only as 'Doctor', who was once the preeminent expert on the disease and has now been revived from suspended animation, or 'cold sleep'.
Arknights: Prelude to Dawn Unevaluated See Arknights Reimei Zensou
アークナイツ 黎明前奏 Unevaluated See Arknights Reimei Zensou

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