Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Title:Senkaiden Houshin Engi
Soul Hunter
仙界伝 封神演義
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Notables: Animation - Studio DEEN
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
The ancient Chinese Yin Dynasty is rotting from the inside out, infested with demon immortals. Project Soul Hunt was drafted by the Immortal High Council to capture all these 'dangerous' souls and seal them away forever. Now all that remains is to find someone to carry it out. Why risk the life of a perfectly good immortal if you can send a good-for-nothing instead? Taikoubou skips his lessons and naps while he's meditating; if he doesn't happen to make it back, so much the better. Armed with nothing but a magical rod and a hit list, Taikoubou is dragged off by the spiritual beast Sibuxiang. But when your job is killing demon immortals, on-the-job training can be extremely rough! Will Taikoubou get his act together in time to save his skin? Or will he and Sibu get vaporized his first day on the job?

[TV series, 1999, 26 episodes, 24 min]
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Buy 9 9 10 10 10 10 masami satomei [series:451#1839]
In my opinion, Soul Hunter is the most overlooked and underrated anime series I have ever seen. I absolutly love everything about this series. I'm not going to bore you with a long story explanation, but just know that it is excellent. What really stood out though is th beginning and (especially) the ending theme. If you watch this series, I recommend watching the credits on every episode, because they soon start to "define" the show.
I'm not a big fan of subtitled, so I'm a bit biased and leniant towards dubbing, but I thought they chose perfectly for all of the characters (especially Kou Hiko and Bunchu, my favorite characters)
Not only is it an excellent series, but Its 26 episodes long and VERY cheap to buy (got mine at Best Buy for 30 bucks)
Go buy it asap!!

Last updated Friday, February 11 2005. Created Friday, February 11 2005.
Rent Forbin [series:451#1573]
Drama : Med / High
Comedy : Med / High
Action : Med
SciFi : None
Ecchi : Low
Hmm...this is good but the English dub is a bit lacking. Basically Tycobo must find all 365 possessed souls and free them to prevent a demon from controlling the human world.
Basically this is Saiyuki meets City Hunter and YuYu Hakusho. Tycobo is your basic happy go lucky guy who is VERY adept at reading people. As he goes around gathering allies and fighting demons, he learns a little more about the so called Soul Hunter Project.
If you liked this, go watch Saiyuki. Very similar story plots but Saiyuki is more faster paced.

Last updated Monday, January 24 2005. Created Monday, January 24 2005.
Buy 7 7 9 7 9 The Coyote [series:451#64]
This Tale takes place in ancient China and is the story of how the Yin fell to the Zhou dynasty. It is very well done and a great example of the best thing about anime and that is a great story. Tycobo is a very well done hero, who's humor and wit carry the story (The voice actor also did kenshin in Sameri X). A buy in my book. Rated PG

Last updated Wednesday, September 11 2002. Created Wednesday, September 11 2002.

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