Ao Ashi

Title:Ao Ashi
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Junior high school student Ashito Aoi is a virtual one-man soccer team. All he needs is for fellow players to kick the ball to him, and a goal is almost certain. But, while not obnoxious, he's rather fiery and full of himself. Recruiter Fukuda Tatsuya wonders whether such a player would work as part of a professional team.

24 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4474#628]
(One episode watched):

Episode one of this show started out fairly interesting, but with time I found my interest to be flagging. I suspect the reason was that protagonist Aoi isn't all that interesting himself. He's a fantastic soccer player, and comes from a poor family with a single mother--and that's about all we learn about him. We learn a lot about how good he is at the game, but he seems to be too good to be true to me, and therefore not someone I can relate to. At one point he stays up all night to master a new soccer technique that a strange man has demonstrated to him--there's no way I would (or could) do such a thing. Of course he'll be a success. I sort of wish for a sports anime about a main character who isn't a prodigy. This show failed a basic test of a new series in that it didn't leave me with any questions which I wanted answers to. All things considered, this seemed like a pretty generic sports anime--actually, above average, but generic nevertheless. For a while I figured I'd save the episodes and maybe watch this series at some point in the future, but when it became clear that it was a two season show I decided I wouldn't even do that.

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