Kaijuu no Kodomo

Title:Kaijuu no Kodomo
Children of the Sea
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Notables: Animation - Studio 4°C
R1 License - GKIDS
Ruka is a young girl whose parents are separated and whose father works in an aquarium. When two boys, Umi and Sora, who were raised in the sea by dugongs, are brought to the aquarium, Ruka feels drawn to them and begins to realize that she has the same sort of supernatural connection to the ocean that they do. Umi and Sora's special power seems to be connected to strange events that have been occurring more and more frequently, such as the appearance of sea creatures far from their home territory and the disappearance of aquarium animals around the world. However, the exact nature of the boys' power and of the abnormal events is unknown, and Ruka gets drawn into investigating the mystery that surrounds her new friends.
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111-minute film released on May 19, 2019.
Animated by Studio 4C.
Licensed by Gkids.
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Watch 10 9 8 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:4257#1552]
Nice spectacle, but has enough issues with its depth. Children of the Sea is meant to be a mystery-drama where a middle school girl named Ruka encounters two mysterious boys raised in the wild by dugongs and have a heightened awareness and sensitivity to activity in the sea. While the premise seems like a decent one on paper, the film gets a bit too abstract for its own good when attempting to try coming off as metaphysical when revealing more about the origins of Umi and Sora, while also not really doing much to provide any clarity to what is going on with the boys nor showing any visible signs of development with its characters as Ruka largely exists as an observer to the developments of the boys and other characters have a habit of conveniently appearing to push along a certain direction in the film's story. The visuals for the film are perhaps its highlight having gorgeous designs of the aquatic scenery and wildlife that Ruka and the boys encounter in the sea and the aquarium, as well as believably depicting the physics of how characters and aquatic wildlife would move about in the water and depicting the metaphysical elements explored with the boys in the later half of the film. But beyond its visual spectacle, the story of Children of the Sea is rather underwhelming as its developments got rather clumsy as things progressed with the film.

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