Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited

Title:Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited
The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED
富豪刑事 Balance:UNLIMITED
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Officer Kato was transferred from the elite 1st Division to the low status "Modern Crimes Task Unit" as a result of his inconveniently high standards. There he finds himself with a new partner: the fabulously wealthy Daisuke Kanbe, who has basically used his money and influence to buy himself a job as a police detective. Nanbe has an advantage that most police officers lack: he can buy or bribe himself out of almost any sort of trouble.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3827#628]
(Two episodes watched):

An arrogant, super-rich guy gets a job as a police inspector and uses his money to compensate for his own lack of social skills. The premise holds promise. Nanbe clearly knows a lot of useful things about high tech, even if his social skills need some work, and it would seem that he isn't entirely trying to show off or something like that. One problem is that he still seems like a jerk to me and I didn't see any sign that he might change eventually. I fear this will be another anime which is built around an unlikely pair of main characters where the characters themselves aren't really all that likable or dynamic, like Tiger and Bunny. Probably the biggest problem was that the show was clearly relying on humor as its main attraction, but it didn't strike me as particularly funny. Nanbe carelessly trashing a bunch of antique cars (what does he care? He can pay for them) struck me as more infuriating than funny. As I understand it, humor is what happens when you get something other than what you were expecting, but it makes sense nevertheless. I guess this is how a rich man might behave in a crisis, but does it makes sense? Or is it the other way round--this is exactly how I'd expect a rich man to behave. Either way, something is missing. With the humor as weak as it is, the show must rely on the story and it felt kind of corny and overdone to me. I can only guess the makers expected viewers to be laughing their asses off and consequently not paying much attention to the plot. Since the premise is odd and maybe Nanbe will change with time (and there seems to be a good supporting cast), perhaps I will watch some more, but this show had better have an interesting plot in addition to the 'jokes'.

I decided to give this show a second chance and watched episode two. Early on, it wasn't all that bad. Nanbe isn't a total jerk, no, he knows what he's doing and gets results. The second half of the episode, however, was a letdown. The biggest frustration was the stunt Nanbe uses in the climax: He has a helicopter gunship! It was ultimately all about gadgets and expensive technology, like the mediocre James Bond movies, not about the characters. Nanbe didn't really do anything admirable, and we have no idea why he's on a crusade to fight crime--is it all just a hobby to him, or is he seeking to redress some past offense? Just having a ton of money doesn't automatically make you interesting. So, I think I will quit watching this show.

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