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Oni and Neko fight mecha-like devices and (Synopsis incomplete).

13 episodes (1-12 + 12.5)
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3800#628]
(Two episodes watched):

This was a short which was over almost before it began and gave only a handful of hints about what it would be about. Two girls--the cat eared Neko and the demon-horned Oni--fight some sort of robot device in a run-down building. The way the machine dissolved after being defeated made me wonder if this might be taking place in cyberspace or something like that. Then the two girls talk for a moment or so, something about 'earning a slot', which made me wonder if they were breaking down the fourth wall, so to speak. According to ANN there has already been a Hentatsu OVA, so maybe the assumption was that anyone watching this would have already seen that and would know what's going on (the show doesn't seem to be about Hentai). In episode two they talk about a dog 'marking it's territory'--and that's it. I wonder if there is any point to me continuing with this show, since I have no idea what it is about and it doesn't seem inclined to explain.

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