Africa Salaryman

Title:Africa Salaryman
African Office Worker
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Notables: Animation - HOTZIPANG
TSUDA Kenjiro
The lives of three white-collar workers ('Salarymen')--except that Lion-sempai is just that, a lion, while Oohashi is a Toucan, Tokage-kun is a lizard, and everyone in this society is an African animal of some sort.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3781#628]
(Seven(?) episodes watched):

It could be argued that this series had the bad luck of being released in the same season as Beastars, which is another series with animals as the characters, and a far better and more ambitious one. When you ask yourself what the effect would be if either show had to use conventional, human characters rather than animals, it becomes obvious that while Beastars skillfully uses the behaviors that are unique to different species of animal, and wouldn't make much sense without them, one would barely notice the difference if Africa Salaryman had to make the change. The vast majority of the jokes in AS would work just as well with human characters as with animals (and they are only modestly funny to begin with). Is this show taking place in Africa? It's not clear, and doesn't seem to matter. More like African animal personalities have taken over Japan. Some of the jokes mystify me to the extent that I wonder if they were really meant to be jokes at all. It's not a bad show--sometimes lightweight comedy that doesn't demand much concentration is what I want. But I lost interest after awhile, since I wasn't getting all that many laughs and there wasn't much of a plot to the series.

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