Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarō

Title:Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarō
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms
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Notables: Animation - P.A. Works
Maquia is from a clan where all the members stop aging in their mid-teens. She has no parents and, although her days are peaceful, she feels lonely. Their peace is shattered when an army invades, seeking the secret to her people's immortality. Leilia, the most beautiful girl in her clan, is taken away, and the boy Maquia has secret feelings for disappears. Maquia is able to escape but she loses her friends and her home. Wandering alone in the forest, she finds Ariel, a baby boy who has lost his parents. The story follows the changing relationship between the two as Ariel grows up and Maquia does not.
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114-minute film released on February 24, 2018.
Animated by PA Works.
Licensed by Shout Factory.
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Buy 10 9 9 8 9 Ggultra2764 [series:3748#1552]
A fantasy adventure-drama film focused on the titular character caring for an orphaned child, Maquia is part of a race of beings who can live for centuries while her adopted son is limited by his mortality in comparison. Much of the movie focuses on Maquia raising her adopted son, Eriel, from various stages of his life from when found as an infant to adulthood and finding herself having to come to terms with the fact she is eventually going to have to separate from him due to their differing life spans. At the same time though, both find themselves coming to care for one another and both coming to support one another from their varying situations as Maquia was separated from her kind following an invasion from a human kingdom and Eriel's biological mother having recently been killed. The story between the two is a touching and bittersweet one in its buildup with its inevitable conclusion between the two, making it a rather powerful story focused on maternal love. Outside of Maquia and Iriel's developments, the film also offers a solid amount of world building to explore how Maquia's kind were impacted by the invasion and shows a rather painful contrast to Maquia's maternal bonding when one of her friends is forced into an arranged marriage and to bear the child of the prince of the invading kingdom. Like many of PA Works' TV anime titles, Maquia is gorgeous visually with beautiful scenic shots and nicely-animated movement and action scenes that transpire throughout its run. Overall, Maquia offers a worthwhile adventure-drama that explores Maquia's bond with her adoptive son and the struggles of her kind nicely throughout its 2-hour run and is a definite recommendation for anime film fans.

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