Haikyu!! Karasuno Kōkō VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Kōkō

Title:Haikyu!! Karasuno Kōkō VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Kōkō
Haikyu!! Third Season
ハイキュー!! 烏野高校 VS 白鳥沢学園高校
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Notables: Animation - Production I.G.
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
Karasuno High make the finals to their prfecture's volleyball qualifier tournament and now compete against Shiratorizawa High to make nationals.

10-episode TV anime that premiered on October 7, 2016.
Animated by Production IG.
Licensed by Sentai Filmworks.
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Rent 8 7 8 7 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:3666#1552]
This third season of Haikyu!! features the full game of the prefecture volleyball finals between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. The 10-episode length of this season is just long enough to feature genuine tension out of the plays and tribulations from both teams throughout their match, as well as devote time to focus on back story with some of the key members of both teams. It's perfectly paced to focus on ongoing developments of the game and the character backstory without any moment feeling like filler to pad out the anime's run time. Pretty much if you've been a fan of Haikyu's prior two seasons, this third one continues exploring the developments of Karasuno as they to win a spot for the volleyball national competition.

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