Kuro Nyago

Title:Kuro Nyago
The Black Cat
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A short movie from 1929 about four children who dream of having a pet cat. Their wishes are answered when they encounter a black cat who proceeds to sing them a song about how he and his tabby brother are descended from tigers.
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3-minute anime short that aired in 1929.
One of the earliest anime shorts discovered and the first to have a music track.
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This is another old Japanese animated short from the 1920s found to be among the older examples of animation from Japan. Like many older shorts of the time period, The Black Cat is rather barebones with what it offers up for a plot as the song-and-dance number from the cats is the main attraction of the short. This is only worth seeing for the historical value of it being among one of Japan's earliest animated efforts and the first of which having a music track as it otherwise has little to offer for rewatchability.

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