Blood Reign: Curse of the Youma
Curse of the Undead: Youma
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Notables: R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
To avenge the woman and friends he loved, one lone warrior must seek out and slay his former comrade in arms. But how do you kill someone who's already joined the army of the undead? A solitary Ninja must find the answer to that very question, and the ancient secrets of the world's oldest clan of professional assassins are pitted against the forces of evil.

[OVA, 1989, 2 episodes, 39 min]
1:55min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Buy 7 8 7 7 KBanger1 [series:348#1694]
The only reason I rank this as Buy is because you can get it for dirt cheap. Beyond that, it's a fairly good story in the beginning. You have these two ninjas who were childhood friends. One who was born as an evil demon and the other who has to stop his reign of terror. The animation is old school so I have no negatives about it. It's in the actual story that rubs me the wrong way. In a previous review, I said there were 2 things that make an anime good, story and continuity (fluidity). If both are shown, that's good. Drop one or the other, it's bad. In this anime, the story side tracks a bit. Although it's closely related to the story, to me it's a bit drawn out. This could have been done as a nice short series. I still would get it though. For the ones who like dark stories, this is a good pick. Not a lot of action, but it's still holds on to its good story. The english dubbing is so-so, so it may be better to watch the original dialogue.

Last updated Thursday, July 06 2006. Created Thursday, July 06 2006.
Watch 6 7 6 8 7 Kari [series:348#798]
This one's a little old, but I still like it. The character designs aren't so great, but they're a hell of a lot better than those of Reign: The Conqueror. It's only semi-violent, but it's not boring. However, I don't think it's something you'd want to spend your money on, unless you buy it for $5.00 like I did.

The music was pretty good, I like Yoma Kazoe Uta, it's a pretty song. You might want to buy the soundtrack, but not this.

Last updated Friday, August 13 2004. Created Wednesday, July 02 2003.
Watch 8 6 4 8 5 4 Devil Doll [series:348#752]
[Score: 56%]
While the story setup sounded very promising (if you like these ancient Japanese scenarios), the first part of this OVA quickly turns into some ghastly splatter movie full of mindless slaughter. (And don't you compare it to Lodoss Wars, which doesn't focus on the aspect of butchering that much.) The second episode contains at least a little bit of story and a functional ending, but it didn't really satisfy me.
If you (like me) expect a strong story or solid character development, you won't find much of that here (= AVOID). But if you expect nothing but a hero slaughtering disgusting monsters, then this one is for you (= WATCH). Some of the fighting scenes are rather decent, and I like the music.

Last updated Thursday, December 09 2004. Created Sunday, June 08 2003.
Rent 6 6 7 8 Kaitou Juliet [series:348#137]
This is a nice, atmospheric little piece, more like dark fantasy than horror. The artwork is done in a strongly 80's style. The look is very precise, with a lot of small lines; it reminds me of the Lodoss to Senki OVA's. Characterization is a little thin in some places; we get a good sense of the main character, but many of the other characters seem enigmatic. On the other hand, this does add to the mysterious atmosphere. The monsters are pretty darn scary in the opinion of this non-horror-fan, and there's virtually nothing in the way of humor to lighten the mood. I can easily imagine this being too scary for young children, but it's a nice rental for Halloween.

Last updated Wednesday, February 20 2002. Created Thursday, November 01 2001.

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