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IWAMI Minaka
Rito, Mari and Kotoko are three schoolgirls who are living exciting and rewarding lives as they run a small business where they design and make clothes. They do this in their spare time amid the vibrant and fashionable Tokyo district of Harajuku. In fact, so creative is Harajuku these days that aliens who lack imagination are drawn to it in order to steal ideas.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3455#628]
(One episode watched):

Although I will decline to watch it, since this seems like a show designed for little girls, Urahara is actually a fairly fun and silly anime. It looks like a girl's dream life as these teens are fairly respected fashion designers by day and magical girls fighting off a strange alien attack by night (actually, everything happens in the space of one day). The words ridiculous, nonsensical and silly come to mind (the girls' helper is Ebifurya, a talking fried shrimp), but that is exactly what the makers intended. The appearance of a strange girl left me curious. The animation is simple but colorful and stylized. Although I will not watch it, I would bet that more than a few people would enjoy this show.

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