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New student Minoa Asagaya modestly enjoys watching anime. His classmate Arisa Kamiigusa overhears him mentioning this, and promptly drafts him to serve on a pet project of hers, the revival of the school's defunct anime club.

12 episodes
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Okay, this one's something special in a messy way. At the start, Anime-gataris would have you assume this would be some sort of slice-of-life comedy involving the formation of a high school anime club, with our enthusiastic female lead serving as a sort of audience surrogate learning about the creative process and different fandoms of the anime medium. But its final four episodes devolve into some sort of meta-commentary that dabbles into things like fan backlash, becoming too obsessed with being a fan, and a creator losing their passion for the medium that regularly breaks the fourth wall with reality and the world of anime seemingly colliding together. The issue with said final third of the series is that the anime doesn't do much to foreshadow and build up to this in any capacity beyond the presence of the odd talking cat that Minoa encounters in the anime's first episode and seemingly being the only character able to interact with him. Beyond this, the series lacks the depth to have anything else engaging to it beyond the many anime nods dabbled into with the discussions that Minoa and the Anime Club have on various popular titles. Want an engaging slice-of-life series dabbling into otaku fandom believably? Check out Genshiken. Want a sci-fi/ fantasy title that explores reality and the world of anime clashing together with serious stakes? Check out Re:CREATORS. Both at least are better thought out with their storytelling and characters than this mess of a series.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3451#628]
(One episode watched):

I think the fundamental mistake this show makes is that it is more about glorifying the anime that these club members watch (which is fictional anyway) than it is about the members themselves. I'd much rather have a show which demonstrates that people with personalities, like me, enjoy anime than one which basically says that the personality of the otaku is unimportant. I can't care if this club gets revived and survives if I don't care about the people who compose it, and here I don't. I suspect that each character of the sizeable cast will have only the most minimal personality necessary, and probably their personalities will largely consist of their expertise in whatever niche of anime/manga they specialize in. This show was looking pretty shallow and boring, and then a talking cat is introduced as well. But that suggests that this story isn't going to tell a believable tale of how plucky fans of anime can create a healthy club and build friendships, and it certainly doesn't suggest that the personalities of the characters will ever get much attention. Any show with an 'otaku theme' has already passed one test with me before I even watch it, but this show found a way to take that advantage and squander it.

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