Dies Irae

Title:Dies Irae
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Ren Fujii has a phobia about sharp blades and is troubled by recurring dreams. He gradually realizes that, like it or not, he has connections to an occult conspiracy that originated in Nazi Germany.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3437#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Well, this show seems to have done what every drama needs to do early on, which is introduce likeable characters who we can sympathize with and take seriously. It would have been tempting and easy to jump straight into wild supernatural action, and expect that to 'wow' the viewer, except that it works much better when the viewer gives a damn what becomes of the protagonist. If I had known that such a bizarre conspiracy would be involved before I got to know Ren and Marie, I might have effectively written this show off without giving it much of a chance. I must have suspended disbelief, at least about the characters, before I can accept something as freaky as Nazi magic as plausible. Fortunately, this show seems to have passed the first test, and I will watch some more.

Episode two gave me a similar impression to episode one: that Dies Irae has some fun and likeable characters--but the enemy they will be up against is bizarre and difficult to take seriously. It frustrates me that no explanation has been offered about what the f--- is going on here and what the link to Nazi Germany (there is such a link, isn't there?) might be. Perhaps that was included in episode '0', but I quit watching that when it became clear that it was about the occult angle, which annoys me, not Ren and Marie, who I like. I have little idea what's going on, and little confidence that it will ever make enough sense that I will. Seeing as we are already a third of the way through the Fall season, perhaps I will dispense with Dies Irae.

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