Hitorijime My Hero

Title:Hitorijime My Hero
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Notables: MAENO Tomoaki
MASUDA Toshiki
Masahiro Setagawa is an aimless teenager who hangs around with delinquents for lack of anything better to do. The only thing these delinquents worry about is a mysterious brawler known only as 'The Bear Killer', who likes to beat up punks like them. Masahiro's life is turned around when he discovers that his new high school math teacher, Kousuke Oushiba, and The Bear Killer are one and the same.

12 episodes
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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3397#1552]
This is pretty by-the-numbers as far as shounen-ai anime go with attractive male characters in a relationship involving a strong, confident older character and a younger, less confident one, with the added spice of this also being a student-teacher relationship. The series attempts to add in drama coming from Masahiro being involved with a gang of delinquents and Kosuke's job as a teacher potentially being at risk due to having a relationship with a student. While the former has some stakes as Masahiro seeks to better himself leaving his gang thanks to Kosuke's influence, Kosuke's end of the relationship doesn't carry as much weight to it since it felt more like this angle was added in for cheap drama to pad out the episode count and it didn't feel as if this story element was ever that serious, especially as a number of Masahiro's classmates later find out about the relationship and largely have no issue with it. Overall, Hitorijime, My Hero mostly feels like fluff to pander to fans of shounen-ai with the relationship dynamics to the series largely feeling rather cliched. It's not the worst within the genre I've seen, but is still largely unmemorable to me.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3397#628]
(One episode watched):

This show was never able to inspire much interest within me. Perhaps that's because what the basic conflict--the basic problem which would need to be solved--would be was never made clear in episode one. Early on, the war between these delinquents and The Bear Killer seemed to be the main problem, but in the second half the show wanders into the problems of an old friend of Setagawa's. And someone who once got his kicks beating the crap out of punks is now a math teacher? I doubt it. The whole premise makes little sense and the little conflicts within it seemed manufactured and artificial. Based on the synopsis above the actual conflict may be a boy's love relationship between Setagawa and Oushiba (a scene from the OP sequence of two hands holding each other hinted at this), but in any show which is as unfocused as this one I'm not going to hang around to see how well that is handled. The jokes were meager at best and the character designs differed only in their hairstyles/hair colors. When one must read subtitles, that's often not good enough to keep track of who's who. I can't summon much interest in any of these characters and don't really care how things work out for them. And so went my final viewing of a Summer 2017 anime first episode.

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