Nana Maru San Batsu

Title:Nana Maru San Batsu
7O3X Fastest Finger First
Fastest Finger First
Nana Maru San Batsu: The Quiz Animation
ナナマル サンバツ (Japanese)
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Shiki Koshiyama is an unathletic, bookworm sort of guy who has just begun high school. He had planned to spend his free time as usual, reading alone, until a strange club, 'Quiz Bowl Circle', attempts to recruit him. At the urging of fellow student Mari Fukami, a Quiz Bowl expert, he joins up and finds his varied knowledge of all sorts of subjects is just what he needs to be a competitor in this game show-like activity.

12 episodes
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Quiz Circle is a game in which a moderator asks questions about various subjects and the contestants race to be the first to push a button which activates a buzzer and entitles them to give an answer. Speed in essential, and in order to buzz first participants need to guess what the remainder of a question will be before the moderator finishes reading it. The formula 7O3X is a reminder that a successful player needs to get at least seven out of ten answers right and not be wrong more than three in ten times. For some reason, which I'm not completely certain of myself, I became interested in seeing how newcomer Shiki will fare while playing Quiz Bowl. Perhaps it was because we get a fairly thorough background regarding him, and he seems like a likeable person who could use some contact with other people. The jokes were OK too, and the slightly wacky president of the Quiz Bowl Circle, Gakuto Sasajima, was fun. Anyway, I found this to be an amusing show which I wouldn't mind watching more of.

The different tricks which a person needs to use in order to guess what a question will be before the moderator finishes reading it are fun. Who would have thought that such a seemingly simple game is in fact so complex? Just knowing the answer isn't good enough, you must also be able to figure out what the question will be before anyone else does. It would make more sense if nobody could answer until the reading of the question was complete, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun and exciting. There's not really all that much humor, but I don't mind since I can root for Shiki. His excitement and developing addiction to the game are believable. Part of the fun is that you can sort of play the game yourself as you watch, by trying to answer the questions before the characters do--it's sort of like watching Jeopardy. While other shows of the summer 2017 season rose and fell, this one remained a reliable favorite of mine. It is not brilliant, but was always fun and I was seldom disappointed. The final episode left me with a distinct feeling that this story was far from finished. Koshiyama doesn't exactly win a championship or anything like that, and I almost expected to see a notice of a second season coming in a couple seasons, but didn't. But, like Jeopardy, you don't have to watch every episode in order to enjoy yourself. Perhaps the individual games were more fun than the ongoing plot, which seemed like a relatively low priority.

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