Fukumenkei Noise

Title:Fukumenkei Noise
Anonymous Noise
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As a child, Nino dreamed of becoming a singer with her male friends Yuzu and Momo, but the two of them moved away and the dreams were put on hold. Now, Nino is surprised to find herself reunited with both of them at her new high school.

12 episodes
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Watch 8 7 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3350#1552]
Anonymous Noise is another one of those "doing your best" style anime storylines mixed with a love triangle focused on high school girl Nino aspiring to be a singer, while musical talents Yuzu and Momo develop romantic interest in her for her drive and commitment to improving her singing talents. There's nothing really remarkable about Anonymous Noise as the storytelling tropes and character types it milks with Nino's improvements and the two boys drawn to her have been done to death with past anime and are nothing too engaging to see unfold, as Momo can come off as a jerk for his motivations to attempt evading Nino, Nino comes off as a horrible singer in spite of what the anime would try to convince you otherwise, and Yuzu's character was too bland for me to give a hoot about. Not helping matters is the show's pushing of melodrama over the angst faced by the three major characters bordered on obnoxious at points for me. Overall in spite of its musical premise, I'd say Anonymous Noise came off pretty underwhelming for me due to how cliched and obnoxious it got with its premise.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3350#628]
(One episode watched):

This was a show which, for some reason or another, never engaged me and I became bored with it. Two days later I had a hard time remembering whether there were any jokes and the Comedy keyword would be appropriate here. After racking my brains for a little while I recall one of the two guys getting angry at being described as short, so I guess there was. That tells you a good deal about how funny this show was, and also that almost until the very end of the episode I didn't grasp that there were two, not just one, guys that Nino had known as a child. Maybe the problem is that the characters never get much of an introduction; for example, at the end of the episode about the only thing I know about Nino is that she likes to sing and once had two male friends. That's not enough for me to take interest in her and care whether she succeeds as a singer or not, and we learn even less about the guys. There's really nothing seriously wrong with this show, but nothing seriously right about it either, and nowadays I don't have time for shows of this sort.

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