BanG Dream!

Title:BanG Dream!
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ITO Ayasa
Kasumi Toyama seeks to recreate a wonderful experience she once had which she calls 'Star Beat'--but has little idea how that might be done. But then she happens upon a performance by a local all-girl band, and it occurs to her that music might be the technique she has been looking for.

13 episodes
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You can give this a different coat of paint with a change to its gimmick with several high school girls forming a band, but it still has the familiar storytelling setup you can find from idol-themed multimedia franchises like Love Live and Idolmaster in that they exist to promote music CDs for whatever musical medium they are attempting to push. Bang Dream opts more for slice-of-life storytelling with Kasumi and her friends forming their band, but it still carries a similar storytelling setup as Love Live in that the energetic gal serves to form the main group with each girl having their own problems that are dealt with before they come together to become a successful musical group. While Idolmaster and Love Live at least had some sort of storytelling stakes to give them some reason for folks to care for them, Bang Dream lacks this element to its plot and makes it much less engaging compared to those two franchises, even with my indifference for idol-themed anime, as that leaves things up to the characters to give a hoot about the series and they don't have much dimension to them beyond whatever character types they started out with. Unless these multimedia franchises catch your interest, this anime is largely skippable since it exists as yet another piece of a music multimedia franchise.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3317#628]
(One episode watched):

Writing the synopsis for BanG Dream was difficult, because episode one doesn't exactly give a crystal-clear impression of what this show will be about and where it is headed. It seemed like the first half of the episode wandered about, introducing us to Kasumi's new school and herself, but giving us little idea what the premise of the series would be. This notion of 'Star Beat' that she holds is very vague and I wonder if that was intentional or just an act of carelessness. The second half of the episode didn't make complete sense either, as Kasumi seems to latch onto a guitar in a pawn shop storage room, and won't let go of it even though it doesn't belong to her and there has been little indication so far that she values music or has any talent for it. It just seems very unlikely and therefore hard to take seriously. We'll have to wait for episode two to get much of an idea of what exactly the premise will be and whether it will be plausible or the characters will be likeable. Basically, episode one confused me but didn't actively turn me off. I didn't know if Kasumi or anyone else would develop much of a personality, but at least she didn't strike me as uninteresting either. But the only chance this show had was that the competition would be so mediocre that even a show that had evoked such lukewarm feelings from me would seem good in comparison, and that didn't turn out to be the case.

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