Gabriel DropOut

Title:Gabriel DropOut
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Exemplary angel Tenma Gabriel White is sent on a mission to do good among humans here on earth. But she quickly finds herself corrupted by the sensual pleasures of this world, especially video games.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3309#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Well, here is something which we've been seeing a lot of recently: an amusing premise with lackluster follow-up. The notion of an angel becoming addicted to video games is amusing and it would seem that it could be expanded upon in all sorts of funny directions. But it seems that the premise itself was about the only good joke the makers could come up with, and afterwards the humor is very unremarkable. There's an easy way out of this trap: don't rely entirely on comedy, have an interesting story as well as a backup. In fact, when it becomes clear that the humor won't be all that great, the viewer's mind automatically goes looking for a story instead--or at least mine does. Perhaps the problem is that here the premise is basically dumped upon us all at once, as a joke--at one instant we see good angel Gabriel and the next we see her already thoroughly fallen. That's good for a laugh, but it might be both more fun and more interesting to watch her struggle with her conscience instead of bypassing whatever doubts she must have felt. Once this happens, you kind of wonder why she needs to be an angel at all. She doesn't really do anything that a typical video game-addicted teenager couldn't do as well, except occasionally use magical superpowers as part of a mediocre joke. In episode two, for example, the only supernatural ability I recall was a demon girl's ability to eat spicy food. After two episodes I am convinced that there will be neither good jokes nor an interesting plot here. Gabriel Dropout counts as another anime which had an interesting premise but little or nothing was done with it. If you don't have anything else to do, the jokes here might be adequate, but if you do, you will probably soon find yourself wondering if watching this show was a good use of your time.

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