Dream Festival!

Title:Dream Festival!
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Notables: ISHIHARA Souma
Amamiya Kanade, a minor employee of a vast media outfit, finds himself scouted by a talent agent who happened to notice his cheerfulness and determination to complete a difficult task. This attitude--'beyond the ultimate' is the way the man puts it--earns him a chance at becoming a male idol himself, by way of auditioning at the prestigious 'Dream Festival'.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3276#628]
(One episode watched):

I decided to include the keyword 'fantasy' above because that is about the only way to describe a plot in which an ordinary person, with apparently no aspirations to be an idol, could be plucked off the street and offered a chance at the role. And, the guy turns out to be pretty good at singing and dancing. It's too good to be true, yet happens fairly often in anime; perhaps it's about the only way the average viewer could conceive of his/herself becoming a famous idol. I get the feeling that Dream Festival may be basically an ad for some sort of Idol card game; cards call 'Dorikas' are tossed about and there's some sort of mystical business of the performers somehow being powered by the cheers of the audience. DF isn't a terrible show, but it's pretty generic. It seems like another show built largely on eye candy but without much of anything else. I noticed that at the end I wasn't left with any questions which I wanted answers to; how well Kaname does at the festival doesn't concern me (he will win, of course). There are too many characters to keep track of, since they don't have any distinctive, believable traits to identify them. It seems like the idea here was to allow viewers to daydream about what might happen if, like Kaname, they were offered a fantastic opportunity right out of the blue; sort of like how buying a lottery ticket is basically buying a license to daydream until the actual drawing comes about. But the Idol business, in and of itself, doesn't thrill me, and without there being any signs of interesting characters or plot, I think will pass on Dream Festival.

Apparently there is a second Dream Festival ONA as well.

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