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The quiet and reserved Futaba Ooki has recently moved to a seaside town, and finds herself befriended by the goofy and noisy Hikari Kohinata. Kohinata introduces Ooki to her passion, scuba diving.

13 episodes
See series sequel, Amanchu: Advance.
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Made by the same manga-ka behind Aria, Amanchu has a similar feel and storytelling style as Aria focused on beautiful scenic shots and the slice-of-life developments of its female cast, in this case the budding friendship between Hikari and Futaba focused around scuba diving. Unlike Aria, Amanchu offers some gradual developments with Futaba's character as she develops greater self-confidence in herself thanks to Hikari's support, and participates in scuba diving. Like Aria, Amanchu does sport gorgeous scenic shots and some solid animation with the scuba diving that the girls participate in, though it lacks the high quality artwork and polish that Aria offered from years earlier. Still if slice-of-life anime grabs your interest and you were a fan of Aria's atmospheric and light-hearted storytelling, you should get similar enjoyment out of Amanchu.

Last updated Wednesday, March 27 2019. Created Wednesday, March 27 2019.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:3231#628]
(Two episodes watched):

My personality is undoubtedly much more like Ooki's that Kohinata's, and as such I found Kohinata's incredibly cheerful and positive attitude to have a sort of fingernails-on-chalkboard effect on me. She's hard to take seriously and almost seems like an annoyance to me. This show never really caught my interest. The jokes were unfunny and I was annoyed by the frequent use of superdeformity as well. Don't go into SD mode if you haven't done something that is genuinely funny or cute. The show will apparently rely somewhat on the wonders that become visible while scuba diving, but none caught my eye in this opening episode, so I wonder if there will really be much to see later on either. I was having a hard time putting my thoughts about Amanchu into words, but basically I was bored, the characters didn't attract me, and I didn't see much of a reason to watch this. But perhaps I would watch another episode to see what would happen when Ooki presumably goes for her first dive--but it will have to be pretty good to turn my attitude about this show around.

In episode two the SD annoyed me yet again. I wonder if Kohinata was in normal or SD mode for more of the time she was onscreen. And, since the character designs are pretty simple to begin with, the SD is incredibly undetailed, which, again, annoys me. Apparently somebody assumed that viewers would be LOLing at this, and would continue to do so every time it was repeated. About the only thing which drew my interest was learning a little about how scuba diving suits are designed and work. I didn't detect any engaging progress in the development of the two main characters or their friendship, so I decided to cut my losses and abandon Amanchu.

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