Bōken! Iczer-3

Title:Bōken! Iczer-3
Adventure! Iczer-3
Iczer Reborn
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Notables: Animation - AIC Spirits
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
Begins with Iczer 1 battling Neos Gold. Iczer 1 gives a plot summary of the 1st anime, apparently she defeated Big Gold, Neos Gold's mom. The fight ends in a draw. Iczer 1 returns to the planet she was created on, while Neos Gold reveals that their rematch will be on earth. Neos Gold suddenly has 4 followers: Fiber, Insect, Golem & Bigro. Since both Iczer 1 & Neos Gold are too weak to fight, they send their minions to do their fighting for them. Iczer 3 is the littlest sister in the Iczer line of robot-like fighters. On earth, Nagisa. Iczer 3 meets up with her on a space station. Fiber uses giant insects to destroy much of earth & the space station. Iczer 3 defeats her, & the series starts. At first, the humans don't trust Iczer 3, because of her youth & super-impulsiveness. Later, they have no choice but to rely on her & Iczer-Robo, a robot that can only be powered by Nagisa, although it is never explained why.
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6-episode OVA series that premiered on September 25, 1990.
Animated by AIC.
Licensed by Central Park Media.
Sequel to Iczer One.
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Watch 6 6 6 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3208#1552]
While this is a sequel to an earlier OVA series, following what was going on wasn't much issue for me considering the lack of complicated developments and world building it offered up. However, Iczer-3 was still paint-by-the-numbers action anime with our plucky lead character taking on "monster of the day" threats and building up to a final confrontation with big baddie, Neos Gold. Other than Nagisa serving as a friend and partner of sorts to Iczer-3, the majority of other human characters in the series were utterly worthless and other relevant characters in the series existed only to aid or hinder in her efforts against Neos Gold. Overall, a rather forgettable 90s OVA series.

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