Hokuto no Ken (Movie)

Title:Hokuto no Ken (Movie)
Fist of The North Star (Movie)
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Notables: AMANO Yuri
Original Concept - HARA Tetsuo
R1 License - Discotek
After the Apocalypse of nuclear war, every part of the Earth is divided between warring clans. The deadliest warrior to ever live, Kenshiro, the Fist of the North Star, is on a quest to save his beloved from his arch rival and set the horribly twisted world right.
[edit] The Fist of the North Star franchise:

Main Timeline Prequels Legends of the True Savior Film Series
  • (2006) _Raō Den: Jun'ai no Shō (movie, 105 minutes)
  • (2007) _Yuria Den (1 OVA episode, 65 minutes)
  • (2007) _Raō Den Gekitō no Shō (movie, 90 minutes)
  • (2008) _Toki Den (movie, 60 minutes)
  • (2008) _Zero Kenshirō Den (movie, 90 minutes)
  • (1986) Hokuto no Ken (Movie) (movie spinoff to TV series, 110 minutes)
  • (2015) _Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji (TV series, 12 episodes)
DD Fist of the North Star
  • (2011) _DD Hokuto no Ken (TV series, 12 episodes)
  • (2013) _DD Hokuto no Ken (2013) (remake, 13 TV episodes)
  • (2015) _DD Hokuto no Ken II (TV series sequel, 12 episodes)
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Watch 7 7 7 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:317#1552]
This movie serves as a condensed version of the Fist of the North Star TV anime's events from Kenshiro starting his quest against Shin to his first confrontation with Raoh. Obviously due to the film's limited run time, it skips or alters a number of the movie's key events to fit in the movie's run time and it shows as the solid world and character exploration offered from the TV anime is mostly lost with this film. On the plus side, the movie's visuals are better quality over the TV anime with cleaner details on character designs and having some fluid battle scenes, most notable being Kenshiro and Raoh's fight in the film's climax. In addition, the movie retains a good amount of the manga series' trademark gore that was censored to varying degrees for the TV anime. However, even the film version isn't totally free of censorship as a number of scenes are still censored to varying degrees due to Toei facing public pressure from Japanese moral guardians with the title's gory content. The film may be worth a treat to diehard FotNS fans craving the franchise's trademark graphic violence, though be warned that this more visually pleasing adaptation comes at the expense of the TV anime's more fleshed-out world and characters thanks to the movie's limited run time.

Last updated Wednesday, May 16 2018. Created Wednesday, May 16 2018.
Buy 9 10 10 8 9 0 KBanger1 [series:317#1694]
Based on a post-apocalyptic time, this IMHO should be an instant classic for those who know of this ultra-violent movie. Games have been made of this movie as well as a TV series and manga. Even though this movie is really dated, for those who have seen this, this is should rank high in some of your top-ten lists as far as gore/violent genres goes. For those who are new to this movie or may have heard of the name, here's a short synopsis.

The protagonist, Ken, also known as the "Fist of the North Star" and his girlfriend Julia are on a life long quest to "plant the seeds of new life to a lifeless world." At this point you can speculate that mankind finally screwed up and let loose a nuclear war which nearly destroys the human race. Along the way, Shin (Ken's closest friend and "Fist of the South Star") comes along an takes what he believes is his (which is Julia). Both men fight and Ken ends up in a bloody mess. From there, the story really takes place. A lot of blood, not nearly a lot of fight scenes, and very corny but at the time suitable music. What I forgot to mention was the ability of Ken. He has the power to not only defeat his enemies in one blow, but upon contact the part that gets hit by Ken explodes. So if by any chance (or bad luck) you end up fighting him and get a little love tap in the face, it's bye bye head in a bloody mess. That's what really caught my eye! It was the fact that when I first saw that scene (granted many years ago) it left memorable image on me. Out of all my entire anime collection, this stands out to be the best violent movie to me.

I know there are a lot of other "series" that you can think off and maybe some "movies", but in all fairness, at the time this was on cable TV a long time ago, it was a sought after anime because most anime were never really popular in the US around the early 80's. For the ones that are a little hesitant off seeing anime outside of what is shown on TV now, you have to at least give this movie a try. If nothing more, find it online and rent it. A lot of the newer generation of anime watchers (I'm referring to the mid 90's to now) haven't touched base with some of the past anime which were stepping stones for a lot of the current anime that's out there. Think of FotNS as the base anime for such titles as Dragon Ball Z, Tenjho Tenge, or any fighting/violent anime currently out there. Even though it's dated, you'll see why I think highly of it.

Last updated Sunday, June 08 2008. Created Sunday, June 08 2008.
Rent 4 4 7 5 7 7 DillonSOB [series:317#1352]
I gave my scores based on the time it was made and its budget, but FNS is a classic anime that is under-rated. Sure the art is horrible and the violence is over-the-top. But from an era of Hollywood films like Road Warrior and Escape from New York, this film/series approaches the post-apocalyptic fight for survival genre with a different touch. The fight scenes are unique and creative to say the least, but of course get too long and repetitive in the TV series. The dialogue can be tedious (and the kid characters a bit annoying), but provocative themes are mixed like spirituality, family, destiny, and of course love. There are plenty of better animes out there, but this one is noteworthy and respectable for the time it was made.

Last updated Tuesday, May 18 2004. Created Tuesday, May 18 2004.
Buy 4 1 3 1 1 1 Anonymous #577 [series:317#577]
Ok this is what i think of the movie..... Biggest waste of time i have ever seen, for one the guy almost looks like bruce lee... Secondly his brother the one with the medal face,literally confesses that he was trying to trick the other guy to fight Mr. Bruce lee, then to make it even better when Mr. Fist of the north star (cough, bruce lee) says you have to hide behind all those men again he submits to being a pussy What im really trying to say is the movie has no plot, they just added people blowing there heads up and shit dieing thats the hole movie right there.

Last updated Sunday, March 09 2003. Created Sunday, March 09 2003.
Avoid Atsumi_Yamaki [series:317#259]
Ugh... I didn't enjoy this at all (Maybe that is because i'm a girl) but the art is horrible they have way too small heads, and the characters just look like they found some real life people on the streets and changed their hair color.

Last updated Thursday, August 08 2002. Created Thursday, August 08 2002.
Watch 5 3 4 2 2 2 Barry [series:317#122]
I think Scott Sharkey III of Solidsharkey.com said it best:
"Guys with big bodies and teeny tiny heads wander around a post-apocalyptic earth and beat the holy hemorrhaging f*ck out of each other."
Now here's a film to watch with the kiddies. Mass destruction, exploding heads, bitter rivalries, blisteringly violent fights, tyrannical rulers, exploding heads, and pretty much every kind of human suffering imaginable, all in wonderful low-budget 80s style back alley animation. And did I mention the exploding heads? Still, this film manages to deftly avoid any kind of coherent plot with extraordinary skill. Not that any is really needed, mind you. So, if you're a fan of the old ultra-violence like me and Alex DeLarge, this movie is your Nirvana. If not, then go bury your nose in some shoujo manga, ya pansy.

Last updated Monday, August 13 2001. Created Monday, August 13 2001.

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