Seijuki Cyguard

Title:Seijuki Cyguard
Cybernetics Guardian
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Notables: Animation - AIC Spirits
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
A freak accident unleashes a demonic spirit within researcher John Stalker - transforming him into Saldo, a mythical cyber-beast fueled by hate and evil.
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45-episode OVA series that premiered on November 1, 1989.
Animated by AIC.
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Avoid 6 5 6 4 4 Ggultra2764 [series:3129#1552]
This OVA's quite a mess. The rushed pacing for Cybernetics Guardian's 45-minute runtime leads it to have little fleshing out for its world and relevant characters, as well as making a sloppy attempt at mixing elements of sci-fi and the occult when our shallow male lead becomes possessed by a psychic cult to become their demonic mecha-god or something of the sort. The movie has a nihilist bent and over-the-top graphic violence from our titular mecha dispatching officers and others crossing him in a number of gory ways. Presentation-wise, the series sports subpar visuals and some really hokey punk rock tracks that clash rather badly with the dark, serious mood that Cybernetics Guardian attempts to give off. The fact the same "creative" director behind MD Geist and Genocyber in the form of Koichi Ohata made this should be telling of the kind of bad anime you will be in for. Avoid this like the plague unless you are in the mood to see bad 80s ultra-violent anime.

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