Show By Rock!!

Title:Show By Rock!!
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Shian ('Cyan') Hijirikawa attempts to muster the courage to join a band at her school, but suddenly finds herself hurled infinitely farther into the field of music than she had ever dreamed was possible.

13 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3033#628]
(One episode watched):

There are shows which have a bizarre premise, yet enough of an explanation is offered for me to suspend disbelief and enjoy them (or else they are just plain funny); and there are shows which make little or no sense whatsoever, and trying to understand them only make my head hurt. Show by Rock unfortunately falls into the second category. Main character Cyan is hurled into some freakish alternate reality, a dimension ruled by Rock music, perhaps, and quickly finds herself in combat against a 'Dark Monster' (whatever that is). The show mixes conventional animation with a highly detailed, almost three-dimensional type; the reason why is unclear. There are some good things about the show—Cyan seems a likeable character, and using her in this nonsensical plot feels like a waste to me. But as many things annoy me about ShowRock as amuse me—like the hard boiled egg man (or whatever). This show is just insane and I don't see how it can ever make sense, and that seems like an ordeal rather than something that would entertain me. Will Cyan make it back to the real world, or spend the entire series in Rock world (or whatever its called)? If she jumped back and forth, that would imply that there is some sort of logic and an explanation behind the plot, but after one episode the answer has yet to come. Any story which isn't LOL funny has got to make some sense to be worth watching, and that's clearly not the case here. This show kind of reminds me of the one about the guy who winds up in a Samurai era reality where Rock and Roll exists; but that one didn't interest me either.

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