The Rolling Girls

Title:The Rolling Girls
ローリング☆ガールズ (Japanese)
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Notables: HANAMORI Yumiri
10 years after the Great Tokyo War, each prefectures in Japan had split up into independent nations. Each nations are ruled by a prophet called "Mosa" and an army called "Mob" as they start to compete to take over other countries. Four "Mob" girls from the Saitama clan, Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, Chiaya are ordered by their “Mosa” to travel around Japan riding their motor cycles to mediate multiple battles between nations and clans as they emerge.
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12 episodes
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Watch 8 8 8 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3008#1552]
Rolling Girls is one of those anime titles that pretends to be deeper than it really is with its focus on a group of teenage girls living in a future where heart-shaped jewels grant their wielders superhuman powers that drive ongoing conflicts between areas of Japan divided up into their own territories. While the first two episodes would have you believe that this series will offer a good deal of exploration on its world and characters with its unique premise, the series actually offers little development of both as our group of girls get little development and the series features them going to different lands for 2-3 episode arcs that have such a large number of introduced characters, that there is little time to connect with them and trying to follow all the established character conflicts within each arc can get hard to follow and disengage the audience as I suffered from quite a bit throughout this series. I've seen a fair number of people accuse the series of trying to pander to otaku audiences due to its cute character designs and quirks, which seems fairly accurate since those are the only qualities that define our four heroines. While I've seen worst anime that pander to the lowest dreks of the otaku fanbase in recent years, Rolling Girls is mostly forgettable fare that tries being deeper than it really is in regards to its premise.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3008#628]
(One episode watched):

Something about Japan has broken up into different provinces, each with it's own 'unique color' (whatever that is), and gangs of 'vigilantes' protect each one. And super martial artists, apparently always women, settle disputes with duels. I was confused at first about just how serious this national breakup was, and whether people were liable to get killed here or if this show was going to be a comedy. Was this a sequel to some anime I had missed (because it didn't seem to be taking much trouble to lay out it's premise)? This show has sort of a Kill la Kill feel to it, and that was part of the problem. I quickly lost interest in KlK, because I didn't find it to be all that funny, and Rolling Girls seems to have the same weakness. In fact, I can't remember getting even one serious laugh out of this first episode. There was a man with an alligator's head for some reason, but somebody will have to explain to me why that would be funny. This is a show which almost seems to scream 'If you don't laugh at this, you're a real square!'. But it just wasn't very funny. And you can't just yank 'coolness' out of your ass, especially when your premise isn't exactly novel. I quit watching once and reluctantly came back to struggle through an entire episode. At the end I could only ask, damnit, what was the idea here? There were no laughs, no mystery, and no excitement, so what am I supposed to watch for? It was painfully boring, plain and simple.

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