Majimoji Rurumo

Title:Majimoji Rurumo
まじもじるるも (Japanese)
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Notables: MIMORI Suzuko
Original Concept - WATANABE Wataru
Kouta Shibaki meets a strange girl who has a strange message for him: "I'm Rurumo, a witch. In two days, you will die".

[TV series, 2014, 12 episodes, 25 min each; based on two completed ↗Shounen manga series with 7 + 5 volumes from 2007-2013; a third manga series of this franchise has begun in 2013;]
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2925#628]
(Six episodes watched):

If I had been told in advance that a good deal of this first episode would involve the attempts of a teenage boy to get a look under the skirt of a girl who says she isn't wearing any panties, I might not have watched at all. Stuff like that is generally indicative of cheap shows which pretend to be comedies but actually attempt to use fanservice and ecchi instead of humor to attract viewers. But Majimoji Rurumo seemed to show that if the writer has a little talent, and the anime people are prepared to use it, the show can still be primarily a comedy after all. In episode one we never really get any fanservice at all, instead fanservice is the butt of the jokes, and the show has some definite wit to it. What's more, here's a show which wastes no time and leaps right into a strange premise in about the second line of dialogue. Since the jokes are not painfully lame (as is usually the case in any show where the word 'panties' is used), and the characters get a little development (like how Shibaki regrets coming to be considered a pervert by the girls at school, and how there's a downside to Rurumo's magical powers) I wanted to know more about them and the long-term plot (if any) behind this show. In some shows which make an honest attempt to be funny the story is just too insane and bizarre to either grasp or laugh at; but my first impression was that Majimoji Rurumo has a good balance between being genuinely funny and not spinning too absurd a tale, at least not too quickly.

Eh, on second thought I'm disappointed by this show's refusal to be anything more than a simple, silly, dumb comedy with the usual fanservice thrown in. It may be a touch above average, but it's a C+ rather than a B or an A. The intriguing premise about using magic in exchange for risking your life seems to be largely forgotten after episode one. Maybe it will reappear at the climax, but I've got better things to do right now than watch this pretty shallow and generic stuff. It doesn't look like there will be any semblance of moving romance between Kouta and Rurumo, either. This is all too common: the jokes aren't really good enough to make this a noteworthy comedy, therefore it needs something else as well, but no serious attempt is made to include an interesting plot as well. You might even say that the comedy was so unremarkable that it would only have worked as a minor bonus for a drama, but this show clearly isn't one of those. Come to think of it, fairly lame comedy would only denigrate a decent drama, so scratch that. When I found the Summer season to be nearing it's end and myself only halfway through MR, I concluded that one way to catch up without losing much of anything would be by quitting watching it. Ah, this show had potential, but not all potential is recognized and exploited.

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