Captain Earth

Title:Captain Earth
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Notables: Animation - BONES
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
R1 License - Subtitled Only
One night right before summer vacation, Daichi Manatsu, a second-year in high school, sees a weird round rainbow floating in the sky above Tanegashima and ventures there alone. He has seen this rainbow before. With the memories of his father's mysterious death and an encounter of a mysterious boy and girl, Daiji arrives on the island while the alarm of a building labeled "Earth Engine" is going off. Someone asks him if he's a captain, just as robotic intruders from Uranus called "Kiltgang" arrive. The battle around the shining stars is about to begin.

TV anime premiered on April 5, 2014.
Animated by Bones

25 episodes
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Watch 9 9 8 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2873#1552]
Captain Earth is as cookie-cutter as you can get with a mecha title considering the heaping load of cliches that the series dabbles into. All the characters have their own differing archetypes such as generic teenage lead hero Daichi, angsty alien turned human Teppei, strange girl with powers Hana, and the alien beings known as Planetary Gears that are the apparent villains of the series attempting to pull a Galactus by absorbing all life force (or libido) from our planet. Also in an apparent attempt to try being complex, Captain Earth has several different factions in conflict with one another trying to prevent or exploit the threat of the Planetary Gears for their own personal gain, yet these actions come off just as cliched as the very major characters we are supposed to root for and the final couple episodes are rather anticlimactic in how things are resolved with the enemy threat, yet not in a good way. Granted, Akari contributes some fun moments to the series with her comical character and the visuals are better than average for a TV anime with great details, slick-looking mech designs, and fluid animation demonstrated during fights between Daichi's mech team and the Planetary Gears. But still, these few highlights are not quite enough to save Captain Earth from forgettable mediocrity as it does nothing to particularly stick out within the mecha genre.

Last updated Saturday, May 06 2017. Created Saturday, May 06 2017.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2873#628]
(One episode watched):

When will the anime industry get it through its head that all the futuristic technology in the world, all the fancy jargon, and all the sophisticated animation is useless unless the story has interesting characters that the viewer can care about? And that the same basic premise--ordinary boy discovers that he has hidden powers and everyone is relying on him--can only be regurgitated so many times before the audience tires of it and wants something new? I was underwhelmed by the host of mysterious terminology (like 'Orgone energy'), transforming mecha, and the basically unsurprising and predictable story that was being told here. This seemed more like a children's anime than one for adults. I found myself apathetic about all the gizmos that were activating as the opening episode neared it's climax; maybe what annoyed me was that there really wasn't any climax, that will have to wait for episode two. The message I got is same old same old, and whatever twists the plot had, I didn't know or care much of anything about the main protagonist at the end and therefore couldn't really be concerned about what would become of him. If so much time is going to be spent trying to wow me with a sort of magical mecha technology, but little effort is made to set up a likeable main character or provide a basic explanation of what's going on, then I might as well dispense with this show and move on to something better. No doubt there will be plenty of wild combat in Captain Earth, but without an interesting protagonist I can't feel that I have any stake in it--Earth might as well lose and be destroyed.

Last updated Wednesday, September 10 2014. Created Monday, April 07 2014.

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