On Your Mark

Title:On Your Mark
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Notables: Animation - Studio Ghibli
In the future, mankind can no longer live on the ground due to intense radiation, both from the sun and from abandoned nuclear plants. One day, a group of special police raided a religious cult compound, and after fierce firefights two policemen found a winged mutant girl, with chains on her arms, barely alive. However, government scientists dressed in hazardous material suits immediately intervened and brought her to a research facility. Realizing they were merely transferring her from one prison to another, the two policemen formulated a daring plan to set her free once and for all.
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7 minute music video that premiered alongside Mimi wo Sumaseba in Japanese theaters on July 15, 1995.
Animated by Studio Ghibli
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Rent 9 9 8 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2779#1552]
Yes, Ghibli made a music video. I've heard about On Your Mark for a while via my research on Ghibli works, yet never worked up the interest to try finding it until just now.

As it is, On Your Mark is nicely animated with vast and detailed shots of the futuristic city environments and fluid animated sequences coming from the major scenes of the video from the raid on the religious cult and the two cops freeing the winged girl from captivity. The song accompanying the animation from Chage & Aska is a nice fit for the video with a dramatic musical score and upbeat lyrics to accompany the tense scenes depicted in the video. The plot to the video is very simple and lacks voice acting, but does get the job done with its basic structure and showing off the talents of Ghibli and Chage & Aska.

If you're a big Studio Ghibli fan, this music video is definitely worth a look.

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