Anne no Nikki

Title:Anne no Nikki
Diary of Anne Frank
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
This is the true story of ↗Anne Frank, a Jewish girl living in Amsterdam during World War 2. Anne's father realizes on time the danger the Jews face and hides his family (his wife Edith and his two daughters Margo (16) and Anne (13), along with four more people, in "the house behind". For two years the 8 people live in darkness and whispers, in fear of being discovered and sent to the German crematories. During that time young Anne writes a diary, describing her daily life in the cellar, her complicated relationship with her mother and the story of her first love - Peter, the young boy in the hiding place. Anne writes down her wishes to run out free and breath the air and flowers, her dreams to be free at last. But humanity is often a cruel mistress...

102 minute film released in Japan on August 19, 1995.
Animated by Madhouse
Based on the autobiography The Diary of a Young Girl, the written diary of Anne Frank, published in 1947.

There's also an older adaption of this theme: Anne Frank Monogatari: Anne no Nikki to Douwa yori (1979, 1 TV special episode).
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There are times where trying to be too realistic can come at the cost of engaging the audience to care for a title. Such is the case with Madhouse's animated adaptation of Anne Frank's diary writings in its focus on Anne's recording of her everyday ordeals while hiding with her family from Nazis during the regime's occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. While the movie does believably depict the uncertainty and fears faced by Anne, her family and other Jews living together in the two years they hide away from Nazis, the film's completely mundane mood, lack of suspense or emotion and minimalist music compositions made this film somewhat of a chore to plow through. Going for a realistic approach in a film can make it hit more closer to home to the audience and have them relate to a character's situation if given the proper dramatic mood with acting, body language and music to enhance the drama faced by the situation of a character. Sadly, Diary of Anne Frank lacks these basic concepts as it commits itself too heavily to its realism and mundane mood, making it a rather forgettable film for me. A shame too considering the concept of an animated adaptation of Anne Frank's struggles would have made for engaging drama to get a look into the young girl's head as she came to grips with her situation, if it learns to follow the basics of delivering effective drama.

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