Yosei Florence

Title:Yosei Florence
A Journey Through Fairyland
Fairy Florence
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Michael is a musician who would rather be gardening and has a love of flowers. He meets a Flower Fairy named Florence and goes to Flower World with her where he realizes how much his music can mean to the flowers as well as others and when he returns to his own world, he has discovered how to focus on being a musician finally.
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90 minute film released on October 19, 1985.
Animated by Sanrio.
Released on VHS in the late 80s and early 90s in America by Celebrity Home Entertainment.
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I've heard of a number of folks comparing this old Sanrio film to Disney's Fantasia and I can certainly see where the comparisons could be made. Mixing beautiful animation and orchestral music scores, Fairy Florence sports some nicely elaborate animated sequences that are floral and music themed as our male lead Michael descends in and interacts with the world of Fairyland when he encounters the flower fairy Florence. The visuals sport simple details on characters and scenery, with pastel-like color tones to accompany the escapist mood that is given off the film. The orchestral musical tracks are quite pleasant on the ears, sporting a number of orchestral scores from classic composers like Chopin, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Beyond the presentation, the plot to this is rather simple and formulaic. Michael and Florence are quite bland as characters and the movie's efforts to paint some sort of moral lesson on the former learning to better appreciate music comes across as rather flat, especially as this movie is more memorable for its presentation than any meaningful storyline or characters.

Fans of animation are likely to get enjoyment out of Fairy Florence for its beautiful presentation and musical score. Beyond that, others are likely to be turned off by the film due to either its age or lack of engaging plot.

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