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Shinomiya Kyouya is a normal schoolboy, except for being the latest member of a rather special club - the GJ club (for "Good Job Club") that doesn't appear to have any particular purpose other than their members indulging in their respective hobbies. In this club he's confronted with the weird behavior of the four older female members, playing their carriage horse, scape goat, toy or guinea pig, thus accompanying his senpais through their last two years of high school club activities.

[2013, TV, 12 episodes, 23 min, based on a 4-koma seinen manga. A sequel has been announced at ANN.]
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Watch 8 7 7 7 6 8 Devil Doll [series:2675#752]
[Score: 70% = minimum "Watch+"]
Pure slice of life about one-dimensional characters with quirky antics that only slightly develop throughout the show; a subdued kind of non-ecchi comedy with occasional slapstick interludes. The central term of this series is "teasing", both Kyoro being teased by the girls and the audience by playing with their expectations. Japanese speakers will probably have more fun with this series as the way of speaking for most of the girls is an integral part of their character and the localized subtitles don't really get this across.
A moe slice of life series with four eccentric girls who recruited the underclassman Kyouya (nickname "Kyoro") as their new member of the "good job club" (that doesn't seem to have any purpose) and their "pet". This series is much like a completely non-ecchi variant of Seitokai Yakuindomo albeit Kyoro being the only man in the club does play a significant role at times, and occasionally cross-dressing is one of the "club activities".
  • Amatsuka Mao (older sister), the orange-haired tiny senpai and club president who absolutely hates when people are kissing in stories she reads is the most difficult one to accept for me, reminding me of Taiga from Toradora!. Unfortunately she gets the most airing time by far amongst these girls, and her youngest sister Seira isn't any better than her.
  • Amatsuka Megumi (younger sister), the pink-haired calm girl who is always knitting or serving tea, mostly is an also-ran, much like Tsumugi from K-ON!. She is the most normal one amongst these girls and gets a little character development in later episodes.
  • Sumeragi Shion, the shy blue-haired chess genius (with lots of genius older brothers) who doesn't even know how to prepare cup ramen noodles, is my favorite, reminding me of the withdrawn genius from Clannad (TV) while resembling the school president from Seitokai Yakuindomo (without the ecchiness there). Unfortunately she gets almost no character development, and no additional common sense either. Putting her more into the limelight could have saved this show for me.
  • Kirara Bernstein, the blond girl with cat ears who permanently eats meat and understands cat language better than Japanese is a black box with random cat-like behavior; during the final episodes she becomes surprisingly likable. Her little sister Geri-chan is fun but underused..
With these four stereotypes, adding a level-headed boy to the mix who'll have to endure their weird behavior (they like to tease him a lot) is mildly amusing and as such my type of comedy. Don't expect drama, romance or slapstick (other than Mao biting Kyoro when she's angry, i. e. quite often); it's only the characters and their interaction that has to make this show worth watching. The way these girls are teasing Kyoro is nice, and it's hard to see it coming as it's more subtle than the typical school comedy. Sadly, the show resorted to adding new moe imoutos and increasing the girls' cruelty in general when it ran out of ideas halfway through the season. Average values for technical attributes, with a number of stills being used but a new ED song every two episodes.
  • Episode 01 (0): Introducing the club members but not much beyond this.
  • Episode 02 (0+): Playing games like twister and arm-wrestling. Slightly more funny than the first episode, due to all character's incremental development.
  • Episode 03 (0+): More character development, based solely on conversations this time, and as such the best episode so far even though the ending about the baseball game feels like a foreign substance. The new ED song is an improvement.
  • Episode 04 (0+): Cultural festival preparations, including some cosplay elements. Introducing Mori, a maid from the Amatsuka household.
  • Episode 05 (0+): A collection of short scenes, including a hairbrush, speaking manly, Santa Claus, a koutatsu, and Valentine chocolate. The girls are teasing permanently, and Kyoro plays along. Another new ED song, one that I like less this time.
  • Episode 06 (0-): The first episode playing outside the club room. Four younger sisters appear, three of which are new characters in the show (and two of them unnerving), instead of giving the existing characters more depth. Downgrading several attributes, and the overall rating to "Watch+"; it looks like the main characters' potential won't be used and new characters are added instead.
  • Episode 07 (0): The good part is Megumi finally getting some more focus in this story, and thus Kyoro not being the target of the teasing for once. The bad part is the new club member Tamaki, another spoiled brat causing lots of ruckus.
  • Episode 08 (0-): Lots of unreasonable development ("Ma-chan") when Kasumi and her friends visit the club room, plus the bathing suit episode of the show.
  • Episode 09 (-): The focus is back on the club members, but the themes are: Playing doctor, bondage, cross-dressing, a duel, and an exorcism. Most of this is supposed to be funny though. A reasonable male protagonist would have quit his club membership after this episode but Kyoro just continues to endure everything.
  • Episode 10 (0+): Was this so much better, or have I just adapted to the tone of this series? Kyoro begged for his own punishment this time but the details were funny. And watching Megumi in "angry mode" is just so cute!
  • Episode 11 (0+): This show teases the audience much like Kyoro by this episode's title. Actually a mixed bag but with some nice elements.
  • Episode 12 (+): The graduation ceremony leaves me in a slightly melancholic mood, so the anime must have done something right in the end.
In the end, not as good as K-ON! due to the lack of story but better than Seitokai Yakuindomo due to the lack of vulgarity.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2675#628]
(One episode watched):

It is not funny. That's the one overriding characteristic of GJ-Bu which leaps out at you as you watch. It was clearly meant to be a comedy, but it simply isn't funny. It isn't offensive but it hasn't got any significant humor, either. The characters do strange things, but not funny ones. There's a girl who insists on trying to change a ceiling light even though she is far too short for the job; and refuses to read manga in which any kissing takes place; and another girl who is a genius at the game of chess yet doesn't know how to prepare instant ramen. But it's as if the makers of this show thought of lots of odd situations but forgot to include any jokes to make use of them. It's as if they thought that somebody else was going to add the jokes, but that person thought that they had already done it, so the anime got made with no jokes at all. I guess I did get one smirk when things shift into fast-motion near the end, but that was it. You would almost think that a special effort must have been made to censor out the humor from this show. How did it even get made? Didn't anybody notice how bereft of comedy it is? This show is so inexplicable that I wonder if something about my own sense of humor has broken. Maybe the moe aspect was supposed to attract viewers. Whatever the case may be, I think it's safe to say that I'm not missing much by skipping this one.

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