Vampire Senzo

Title:Vampire Senzo
Vampire Wars
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Notables: Animation - Toei
R1 License - Manga Entertainment
The rural American west is the setting for this OVA, in which a bizarre and brutal attack on a NASA base in Arizona attracts the attention of a French secret service agent, Monsieur Lassar, when a dead CIA agent is found floating on the Seine in Paris. Lassar is convinced that these two events are related, and sets out to prove it. His investigation leads him to film star Lamia Vindaw and a vampire cult that may be far more vicious and dangerous than its eccentric exterior makes it seem.
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50 minute OVA released in 1990.
Animated by Toei Animation
Licensed by Manga Entertainment.
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Avoid 6 5 5 5 2 Ggultra2764 [series:2636#1552]
Happy Halloween, indeed! This sloppily paced and scripted mess features our bland hero, Kuki, having to protect an actress from government agents from America and France, as well as alien vampires (no, I'm not kidding about this). The plot and character developments found in Vampire Wars are quite laughable as the setups for both tend to be quite contrived and messy as there is barely any depth, if any, or personality given to the characters introduced and the plot is quite incoherent as the anime poorly explains what is going on with the different factions that Kuki confronts. Things also tend to happen way too conveniently for Kuki at a number of points in this OVA thanks to the title's sloppy writing from the mother of the actress conveniently having a helicopter for him to swoop onto an enemy lair to getting information on the actress's location from a thug just before he dies from getting sprayed with enough machine gun fire from Kuki.

While the visuals for this OVA goes for a realistic-like style, the designs of characters are quite dated and look quite ugly. For an OVA series, the animation for Vampire Wars is quite poor with movement from characters looking stiff and awkward at a number of points thanks to the title's limited frame rate. This makes the action scenes for the anime not too engaging.

If you want to look into any older anime titles with vampires, don't waste your time with Vampire Wars and just try hunting down anything of better quality like Vampire Princess Miyu or Vampire Hunter D.

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